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To The TIWWA 'higher Ups'...

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Guest ModernDayMoriarty

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Guest ModernDayMoriarty

I realise this should probably not be on this Forum but it was triggered by seeing the DVD of Season 2 so... Basically, even though certainly not a fan of S2, I was quite annoyed at the lack of imput from the S2 creative staff on the DVD. I realise that this was probably their choice, not wanting to talk alongside the crew that thought so little of their work. But it does leave an uncomfortable gap...

So I was wondering if any of the 'higher ups' on this site could try and contact some of the missing parties (M+W, Maher and Reindl) to try and get, if not their side of the story (because more useless sniping wouldn't be that interesting), at least have them try and explain the creative thoughts they had. I know there are several existing interviews but they are sparse and lightly detailed.

Well, it would be nice if it could happen. I imagine at least some of them would like to set the record straight on Millennium if asked by neutral parties. So how about it eh? It costs nothing to make some discreet enquires eh?

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...well, it's an interesting idea. speaking for myself i would have zero interest in speaking with Maher/Reindl for reasons i'll keep to myself, as i pretty much abhor them but M&W, i would love the opportunity to interview them on thier thoughts of S2. -(it's not something i would love enough to actively seek them out as i would MUCH rather discuss thier far superior and coherant S1 work than the a S2 mytharc that i really don't believe in very much.)- originally Glen Morgan WAS to participate in the S2 interviews but for whatever reason bowed out at the last moment. I "seriously" doubt that they would speak to us as i understand they are rather tired of the whole thing.(?)

...after reading the transcript of the making/S2 i really don't see what the bid deal was unless it';s something that has to be seen to appreciate it, rather then read.(?) I understand your want of more balanced coverage here but in all truth they had thier opportunity to participate and give thier views and decided against it.

...if the opportunity came i'd jump at it but i have far too many things on my plate to actively seek them out. So that leaves Gra, who may or may not be in the same boat i am in, projects-wise. perhaps Dix at the abyss would be interested as he, i reckon, spoke with them before.(?) But i really can't speak for anyone else.

~se7en :ouro:

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Guest Second Coming

I think it's kind of funny that the special features are a big S2/M&W bash fest when most fans and general public like that season the best.

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Yes I have thought that a lot recently.

Out of interest have you seen the transcribed article posted at Millennium Desktop UK, supplied by our Libby? Interesting reading.

Find it at the bottom of the page:


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