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The X-Files 9x03 Daemonicus - an undercover Millennium episode???

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Hi friends,

i just wanted to share this with you.

Right now, im watching the ninth season of the X-Files and im really sad, that this series comes to an end, too.

Today i watched the really great episode Daemonicus, that i think is an episode, much connected to the Millennium thematics.

Here my references:
Monica Reyes can feel the evil at the crime scene, just like Frank in "Room with no view" when he gets struck by the awareness of dealing with Lucy again. Also at the beginning and two or three times during the episode we can hear a drum, that sounds like our famous MlM drum, but only beats one time instead of two times.

And the main evidences of course: Prof. Kobold and at the end Dogget saying "Its a snake eating its own tail" :ouro:

As well as Dogget saying "He was the beginning and the end of our case" --- The Alpha and the Omega.


I felt very happy, watching this episode. I was always hoping, that Lucy would come around the corner or something, even though i of course did know, that that wouldnt happen... But maybe Kobold was a part of Legion. Even the demon masks looked a lot like the "Somehow Satan got behind me" demons.

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One show paying homage to the other! That's nice! I'm watching the X Files off and on. I don't remember that one, I must look it up! smile.gif

Ditto from me.


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I've always felt that "Daemonicus" would have been a great MM episode. Way better than the crossover "Millennium" in the seventh season. This would have been a great case for Frank working together with Reyes and Doggett. There are not only references to the Ourobouros, the whole story of demonic possession and the dark and disturbing atmosphere make it more MM than X-Files. More MM than Frank being in a cellar with Agent Mulder shooting zombies.

"Daemonicus" is my favourite episode from the ninth season, which personally I think is overall the weakest X-Files season. There was a breeze of fresh air with season eight. Doggett was a strong character, which gave the show new impulses and I liked Reyes also. But in the ninth season, they don't really have any interesting things to do, besides some cool single episodes. And I didn't feel it was a good move to put Mulder back into the show in the middle of season eight. It felt forced to me, just because some people wanted Mulder back. We had Mulder for seven seasons and Doggett was new and fresh. It would have been fine by me, if Mulder only showed up in the finale after season seven.

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