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Millennium Music - Fan Made Cd & Composer Promo

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Guest LeHah

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Among my many passions is that of collecting film score and I've searched many years for the music from both X-Files and Millennium - more passionately the later because it's "secondary" fanbase to X-Files kind of made media on it obscure.

Aside from the ITunes release, theres 2 other releases on the internet of which I have both.

The first is a fanmade bootleg which Im sure went reported on this forum at some point. It contains 13 tracks - all directly from the TV show audio - which means they contain audio fragments like SFX and the like.

As they appear on the list:

1.) Title Theme

2.) Midnight Of The Century 1

3.) Frankly Speaking

4.) One Of Us

5.) Dark Nights

6.) Crusaders

7.) Revelations

8.) World Serpent

9.) Jersalem

10.) Inside My Head

11.) Firebrothers

12.) Midnight Of The Century 2

13.) End Theme


For quite a while, these were all we could have of the Millennium score. However, late last year, I came across what was probably a composer promo - or perhaps the demo of the Millennium soundtrack we were promised in the way-back past. Sadly, the tracks as I have them are unlabled. Its 23 tracks long and opens with a 3 minute, 40 second rendition of the title theme. I'm more than happy to share this with the public and the Millennium community as long as it passes hands - I'd rather people share this than horde it away (not to mention, no one should have to go through what I did to find the damned thing).

I've compared what I downloaded last year to whats available via ITunes. Aside from one extra track - the lengths of the tracks don't really match up at all.

Example: Itunes has track 4 at 4:50 while the one I have is only 3:33

Example: Itunes has track 15 at 1:32 while the one I have is 5:10

I could be wrong, so I'd appreciate contact with "The Old Man" to confirm the validity of my find before everyone goes batshit over this news.

For Morgan & Wong fans, I also have the complete score to the pilot episode of Space: Above And Beyond. (Now, where did I put it...?)

If it were possible, I'd've attached a sample to this board but it looks like I cannot.

As an aside, if someone could help identify the tracks or even go as far as make CD Cover Art, I'd be most grateful. Also - if anyone has the music played at the end of the X-Files episode "Conduit", please let me know.

I'll be in touch.

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Hi Welcome to TIWWA.

I also have both CD's which you refer to. the first one was put together by a group of Millennium fans and has the version of Midnight of the century that I love the most. Its fantastic and I wish it was on the legal e-CD from iTunes! It was available for a limited period only via the net and I contacted the makers sometime ago with a view to redistributing it again via MDUK, I got no reply. I might do something about this.

The second CD which is the unreleased Season 1 soundtrack is also known and much searched for. Its exquisite.

For more info on this see posts from TIWWA Member Sound Of Snow in this thread: https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/tiwwa/i...?showtopic=1516 from last January.

The legalities of distributing this promo cd are very much a worrying factor or I would have done it myself before now.

Look for:

Newbie here  :yes: Hope I can shed some light on this whole soundtrack thing.

Three promo CDs (one for each season) were put together in 2001/2002... now, someone found a copy of the first season CD and its all over the place. lol There are some not-so-happy-people because of this!

The first CD contains music from the pilot, Gehenna, Blood Relatives, Force Majeure, Marantha, Lamentation & PPTD plus the extended theme and end titles. 23 tracks I think.

The second CD has music from The Beginning and the End, Monster, Hand of St Sebastian, Jose Chung, Midnight of the Century, Owls/Roosters, Anamnesis, Fourth Horseman/Time is Now plus end titles. 27 tracks.

And the final CD has music from The Innocents, TEOTWAWKI, Omerta, Borrowed Time, Sound of Snow, Goodbye to All That plus the 3rd season theme and end titles. 22 tracks.

Ok... pause to breathe.

So, as you can see the selections on the "Best of Millennium" soundtrack at iTunes comes from the above 3 CDs which explains why Closure, Luminary, Thin White Line, Curse of Frank Black, etc. aren't on the "electronic CD" (now why weren't these included in the original promo CDs? I really don't know... I had nothing to do with putting those together!)

Graham, that site is used for licensing music from the Fox Music catalogue. I don't think they sell any music CDs there (well last time I checked.. could be wrong!). TCF Music Publishing is 20th Century Fox's music department who owns every bit of Mark Snow's music for Millennium and the other 1013 shows a.k.a. the people who should have released about 10 XF & MM CDs by now.

If only my life isn't so busy these days, I would've mentioned something on the Yahoo Mark Snow group or my Snow site which should be Mark's official site by now but there seems to be some delay...

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Here's my limited understanding with promos:

Promo CDs are made and distributed to promote a composer's abilities with a musical genre. Sometimes the CDs are diverse in range while others are narrow, depending on the type of promo it is. Take for example my Michael Giacchino CDs: I have one promo that has dance, orchestral, big band and even the Holy Cross Fight Song - while another promo is for his work on ABC's Alias.

Now - promos are the holy grails of score collectors since they'll contain unreleased music and in perfect quality (as opposed to bootlegs - which tend to have bad quality). The issue is based around the fact that since the composer made X amount of CDs - and they get passed around on the internet for free - and then it prevents the composer from making any money back when an offical CD is released.

How about we touch base with Mark Snow via his agency and see what he has to say about even releasing *some* of the music from the promo?

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If you can get permission to do that I'd be amazed and only to happy to help distribute the promo cd. I think you'll be lucky to get a reply from his Manager though, I've been e-mailing him for years without a reply!

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Guest Frank Black


arE YOU there????

i sent you a pm, i really want the 23 track edition, please respond m8 :)

Im also a score collector, i have the promo but not the one your talking about, i mean 23 tracks wow :)

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Guest Frank Black

Promos (+advance cd sampler)

Promos are promotional CDs released in limited editions.

Most promos are "For promotional use only. Not Licensed for Sale."

Other promos are "For Your Consideration" (FYC) for the Academy Awards jury and

Golden Globe awards jury.

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  • Elders (Admins)

Yes I have received your PM but please understand that:

a) we don't spend all our time here 25/7/365

b) demanding replies when you only have only posted 6 posts since your arrival is not going to earn you a quick response or much respect!

c) the fact that you are a collector does not entitle you to a free copy!

There are 100's of Millennium fans out there who would love to own the 23 track CD. I was recently shocked to discover someone had been selling it! It does not contain any artwork, text or track identification.

It is my understanding that the CD was to all intents and purposes 'stolen' from Mark Snow's recording studio and until such time as there is official confirmation that it IS a Promotional CD and permission to share it has been approved, you won't be able to download it from this site or any other respectable website.

Yes we all want the music, but at the moment it is not accepatble to distribute it without permission. All we have a chinese whispers.

Its not for me or anyone else here to allow you a copy or deny you a copy but we must be careful as we have responsibility for this site.

I'll assume that this response answer your questions in the Personal Message that you sent.

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Guest Frank Black

Oh boy did this go wrong :eyes:

First of all the post above wasn´t directed to you it was the user "leha"

2nd yes i only posted like 6 posts here, and that isn´t a lot i know. I feel like a total jerk here after reading your statement. Im srry im posting a lot regarding this "cd", i just want it so badly. But that doesnt give me an excuse for being a total noob here :snore:

Old Man and the rest, im srry for starting like this, joining and asking for a score to many times.

a) we don't spend all our time here 25/7/365

Rgr that

b) demanding replies when you only have only posted 6 posts since your arrival is not going to earn you a quick response or much respect!

I understand m8, im srry once again... I love this site, and i hope i can be part of this fine community in the future

Best Apologies and regards Frank Black :snore:

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