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A reunion with Lance and his fellow actors

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Simon Black

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Yes! I think Bill Paxton is also an exceptionally good actor.

The knife trick scene was not in the original shooting script. According to Lance Henriksen, the adding of Hudson's hand to the knife trick was discussed with almost everyone, except Bill Paxton.They shoot it in slow motion and then speed up the film. I think I've seen it in the making of.

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this is where IMDb.com is a great help in finding or confirming such reunions .

True, but i think it is a little too laborious and in my case-

in search of interviews by lance i came across by chance on the film "ghosts of the abyss".(I know not yet)

"Near Dark" and "Aliens" however, already and then i remembered this topic happy.gif

these movies may not be missing here!

I do not have the time to compare all the movies together only to find out who is where starred and to post here,

if someone wants to do that, i am looking forward to the resultslaugh.gif

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I found an interesting article :


[sigourney Weaver]

'So I want to make a film that's connected to Alien and Aliens. That's my goal. I'm not trying to undo Alien 3 or Alien: Resurrection. I just want it to be connected to Alien 1 and 2.'

When James Cameron's 1986 sequel ended, Ripley was deep in cryostasis for her return to Earth after leaving planet LV-426.

Sleeping alongside the brave Lieutenant aboard the spaceship was a young survivor called Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden (Carrie Henn) as well as the injured android Bishop (Lance Henriksen) and Corporal Dwayne Hicks (Michael Biehn).

Sources told Deadline that original Alien director Ridley Scott’s Scott Free will produce Blomkamp's movie for 20th Century Fox.


Would so cool to see Lance as bishop again!woot.gif thumbsup.gif


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