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I think it would be intresting how the series might of twist and turn into something completely different. I think for it to last longer Chris Carter would have to stay at the helm of the show instead of handing it off to M&W. I think the success of CSI is from its darkness and its vile content. Audience loves gore-violence and mystery. The big success of Season 1 of MM would of spilled forward to 2 and 3 if the same chemistry was still there. If you have strong charcters and supporting cast, would be able to deviate from serial killer of the week or dwell into government conspiracys. The willingness to stay real would of helped this show to keep running into 2000 and 2001 season

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..........i pretty much want my MM the way it is, warts and all. So much creative energy was expelled during it's three seasons that it's almost awe-inspiring for me, especially the final masterworks.

...in the end though, it was power-plays and politics, for the most part, not ratings, that ultimately doomed the show. I definitely plan on exploring that and fleshing it out in the Ep-Guide-Book, coming out next year with it's first-(and hopefully not last!) small run, perhaps 350-500 copies or more being for purchase directly and exclusively through TIWWA. -(the first run is absolutely going to be dedicated to all the TIWWA members who have supported us and made TIWWA the #1 MM destination currently in the world! "You all" did this, not us; we just put it up with as much loving care as possible and hoped for the best! And you've no idea how much that means to all of us involved on a day to day basis here!)


se7en :ouro:

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That's a great topic to be sure. I think they would have given us a much deeper storyline with Legion and tidied up a lot of loose ends and questions. I think the Group would have been vindicated in some way and the 'evil' doings explained as being created by a separatist rogue faction perhaps. It would bring the Group back into the reality of which it was meant and conceived with a greater depiction of the work involved by the Group assisting FBI and Law Enforcement around the US. I loved that aspect of S1.

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