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Lance's Clothes under his Jacket :)

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Ok, so in another thread we talked about Franks jacket. Lets take a look at his other stuff, cause from time to time, we all need some little styling advices happy.gif

I searched the depths of ebay.com, .co.uk, and .de but nowhere could i find his typical sweaters.

Hes also wearing them in private as you can see on one of those fabulous convention pics of ty7du. Check it out:


Can someone tell me the technical term, the name of these type of one button jumpers? Its not Henley!

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So awesome to have met the man. Great pic William.

I don't have a clue about the one button jumper. After just doing a quick search, besides jumper, I also found cardigan and sweater.

Here's the link to the information page on the episodes and credits, but it will take some searching to find wardrobe, if it's even there.


Doing a quick search, I did find this article ~ THE CLOTHES OF MILLENNIUM: A PROFILE IN WARDROBE


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Ja thats right, but without an exact appellation for this particular style of jumper, one has no chance to find it on ebay. And im sure none of us wants to scroll through thousands of jumpers to look for the onebuttons. Maybe thats the name? The "OneButton". sweat.gif

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Doing an image shirt is just as frustrating. I type in "one-button" and get shirts with no buttons, or a bunch down the front, or more then one. Also searched for sweater and polo sweater, and sorry, no dice so far. Even typing "single" button didn't help.

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And by the way... im also very interested in any information bout the cardigan/jacket he is wearing in Omerta win40.gif


what Lance's jacket comes closest is a Nordic deer Jacket or Cardigan to find exactly the same is difficult but try to search it with it with the words nordic, deer-


Some examples :


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