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"This is What it Looks Like When An Earthquake Hits Wine Country
A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck Northern California early on Sunday morning, the strongest quake to hit the Bay Area since the World Series earthquake in 1989.
The quake hit right in the heart of Northern California’s wine country, just six miles southwest of Napa and nine miles southeast of Sonoma.
There have been no reports of injuries or deaths, but thousands lost power throughout the region and many people were trapped in buildings........"
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I don't know much about California, but I've got the feeling that Napa Valley goes back to the early times of settlement, so will have buildings which date back a long way. And presumably were not built to CA earthquake codes.

I vaguely recall a documentary about earthquake monitoring in California and that mentioned that the cost of earthquake-prevention work to older buildings could be prohibitive compared with value of the building. It must be a difficult situation to be in when, even in probably the most investigated and monitored area in the world, the question can be - beef up the building, or pay more for insurance, or do neither and just hope.

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this is the area where Robin William's estate is for sale. https://www.zillow.com/blog/robin-williams-relists-napa-estate-150293/

according to the internet it's still for sale even after his death. https://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/robin-williams-napa-valley-home-listed-29-9-million-article-1.1909038

hopefully the damage is minimal . here's some pictures from Napa area. https://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/08/24/3344528_california-winemakers-cleaning.html?rh=1

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BEER---> Yes, it was 25 years ago when the Prieta eartquake hit just south of this one in the San Francisco (6.9) area, lots of damage here and deaths). This one was 6.0. Some injuries and some destruction. As we get further away (time) there will be less of a chance of a large aftershock. Long ways from where I live, but we're ready for the next one. Gotta watch '2012' again.


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if the New Madrid fault ever goes again the middle states will be devastated . Very few buildings are built to earthquake standard and high populations in major cities would be wiped out. The last major quake actually made the Mississippi river flow backwards and change its course. There are other faults close by which could be activated adding to the destruction . https://www.ask.com/wiki/New_Madrid_Seismic_Zone

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Walkabout, your post reminds me of the picture from the U S Navy, their map of the U S and world future. Kinda eerie to see right now.

Click for larger view ~




U.S. federal nuclear inspector is urging regulators to shut down a California power plant until it shows its reactors could withstand shocks from nearby earthquake faults. Here's the link ~


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