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New Millennium Comic


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Long time lurker but had to register and give you folks the good news! Looks like Joe Harris, the writer behind X Files Season 10, is working on a new Millennium comic series. Not quite a new season or movie but better than nothing.


EDIT: Sorry, in the excitement I should have said this won't be officially confirmed until tomorrow. It could be a crossover or mini series but it has been hinted at before by both Joe and Chris Carter that a Millennium comic series was a strong possibility. Also issue #17 of X Files Season 10 will most likely feature Frank Black setting up this series.

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First of all, :hiya: welcome to the forums, our home away from home.

Thank you for posting this. We appreciate anything we can get about this show. This about it, the forums are still going strong after all these years. Yee ha yippee ! !


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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Doesnt matter if its a crossover, a mini series or a big series like the X-Files Season 10 series...

Its GREAT news! Thank you so much for telling us Rhysan.

I wasnt even aware of the season 10 X-Files comics and now i just found out, that they are also available in my language!

Soon we will get BACK TO FRANK BLACK woot.gifwoot.gifwoot.gifFrank_Black.jpg

Edit: Oh, and of course: Welcome to the board! happy.gif

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Thank you for the warm welcome both biggrin.gif And you're welcome, I would recommend Season 10 for sure with one warning, a lot of character are brought back from the dead, there is a reason but many fans are a bit tired of it.

As for the new Millennium series, it's a 5 part miniseries with Frank and Mulder. They plan to have an ongoing series if the mini series sells well enough. My guess is Mulder is there to hopefully get the current Season 10 readership to buy copies, a 15 year old licence is a bit risky so it's a smart business move.

Here's an interview with Joe Harris on the upcoming series:


EDIT: Even more from BackToFrankBlack:


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The interview is just great to read. I dont have any worries about this series. Joe Harris seems to be a really cool guy and im so looking forward to this releases.

Isnt this at least something that we all have waited for? Its not a real trailer for an upcoming movie, but it is SOMETHING. Something new!

It starts to live again! I cant tell you what great news this is in between all of this sad news and apocalyptic threats that Earthnut is posting laugh.gif

Just kidding Darlene wink.gif

Also check out the high resolution Cover Artworks for the comic that you can find in the interview. Mulder doesnt look as good, but Frank looks on the spot!

I really wanna know, what Lance Henriksen will be saying to that!

Thanks again Rhysan!thumbsup.gif

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This is fantastic news, something we've been waiting for for years. Lets hope the fans get behind it.

I'm sure IDW will advertise it. Lance is all over Facebook and Twitter spreading the news and the BackToFrankBlack campaign will surely spread the good news.. But it shouldn't take much to show interest. Fortunately comics don't need the numbers TV does. The current X Files series sells around 10 thousand copies a month which is pretty good and hopefully with the crossover event to encourage current X Files readers to pick up Millennium the numbers should be similar to that. IDW have plenty of ongoing series such as Judge Dredd, GI Joe and Ghostbusters which sell around 5 thousand so I think a Millennium ongoing series is a pretty realistic hope at this point.


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I posted this to my Enterline Media web tumblr and Facebook pages. So we should just keep reminding fans of the show to buy the comic. I think we need a moderator to pin this as an important top topic

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