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Christmas 2014 - Pics, Preparations, Trees and Decoration

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We only did Christmas this year because of the little one. The tree was an artificial one, placed on the desk in the sitting room, so well out of reach. It was decorated, including flashing lights, and surrounded with Christmas presents, but he took no notice of it whatsoever, nor his presents. I forgot to take photographs.

Two days later, it was his first birthday. He hadn't quite got the hang of ripping off wrapping paper, but that's ok. I don't think ripping paper is an essential part of the 12-month developmental checks, but I must remember to paste down those couple of loose corners of wallpaper before he notices them.

The New Year's Eve thing is boring. It's just a date on the calendar, but a good excuse for a party for those who like partying. I usually go to bed at my usual time, knowing I'd be woken up on the dot of midnight anyway by neighbours letting off fireworks.

I did take some photographs of the little one when the Christmas tree was being dismantled on the floor. They weren't very good. But part of the problem is either my camera or my use of it, or that he can detect a camera or camera-phone with a precision only rivalled by the Hubble space telescope. All I got were blurry photos of a fast-moving camera-loving toddler.


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