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Bletcher's Death

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We were talking about this very issue on the Millennium Skype Chat Group "The Family" and Randee recalled how Bill's name was rarely even attribute to the show. It certainly didn't appear at IMDB for many years and the show was listed on his profile either. It was all very unusual. I wonder how the rumours began and what the source was. They are such an accepted part of fan wisdom but I can't even recall where they began.


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It sure would be nice to know the whole truth. At least things didn't get any worse, we can be thankful for that. Many professionals, in every area of business, can be difficult to work with when they're working. And sometimes it's just the opposite, they're great to work with, but in their personal life they're impossible to get alone with.

I find it an interesting thought that as a character changes, so does the personal relationship.

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I find it difficult to believe that Bill Smitrovich, Terry O'Quinn or Lance Henriksen would have let any personal tensions make it out on set. All three are veteran character actors who have made a living by constant working. I've heard the same rumors about Bill and Lance, but not about Terry and Lance. Regardless, I think Bletcher's death was perfect for the show and really nailed the horror of that episode. The whole episode and indeed the rest of Season 1 is about loss of sanctuary and ineffectual power. No more protective yellow house, no ability to fight back effectively against overwhelming and supernatural evil, no way to keep safe the people that Frank held dear. It carries all the way through to the end of Season 1, capping with the kidnapping of Catherine.

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