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Things People Don't Know About Their Cars, Etc.

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10 Things People Don't Know About Their Cars

I'm sure there are more, and if you can think of something, please post it.

One thing for sure, keep a cutter in your car. Mine is a gift from my daughter, who also had my name put on it. It's a big knife, with one end having a box cutter to cut through your seat belt, and at the other end a glass breaker. I have mine wedged tight in my ashtray, so it doesn't get bounced around if in a wreck. I don't use the ashtray, so it's perfect. Hope I never need to use it, but feel safer knowing it's there. From what I've been told, electronics in your car lock up in a wreck, and if in or under water.


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I can't remember when I last drove a car. Probably 20, maybe 25 years ago. I do recall that it was basic-model, second-hand car. No power steering, often had to pull out the choke to get it started, windows were wound up or down using a handle. After a couple of scary incidents, I gave up driving. I can walk into town for shopping/library/doctor/dentist, and I'm a five-minute walk from the railway station for London/Oxford/etc. Big shopping is done by my husband who has a fairly oldish car, but one that has most of the current gizmos.

That cutter is a good idea, Darlene. I know that when seat belts became compulsory in the UK there were a lot of people worried about being trapped by their seat belts.The glass breaker is also a good idea. And that's also a good idea for people living in homes with double glazing. There's often the push here for people to have smoke alarms, but some double-glazed windows aren't easy to escape through, and double- or triple-glazing isn't easy to smash.

I like the last bit about using the turn signal. That's been on cars since practically the year dot, yet there are still people who don't seem to have a clue what it's there for.


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