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The Fate Of Peter Watts

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Guest Sinestro

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Guest Sinestro

Ok, so many here are X-Philes such as I and we all know that Terry O'Quinn is "Mr. Ten/Thriteen", so here's my thought:

In The X-Files ninth season, the episode "Trst No 1", Terry played the elusive, sinister alien/supersoldier replacement only known as the Shadow Man.

Now, this man had to have existed as a real person according to the storyline of the supersoldier mythos ,so, what IF after the break up of the MM Group before 2000, Peter went to work full time for the NSA. Now, bare with me, in this epsidoe he states to Scully that he knows everything about her and he watched her for a long time. He told her that he was watchin when she and Mulder became intitmate (in 2000) and so forth.

So what if after the Group disbanded in turmoil, Watts wasa approached by these already infested government officials, was made a supersoldier whether against his will or not and met his ultimate demise in that rock quarry?

Then there's just the fact that Terry is "Mr. Ten/Thirteen" and they needed a great actor to portray this creepy villian.

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