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A Post Millennium "millennium"

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Guest Sinestro

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Guest Sinestro

If and when MillenniuM gets a revival in a series or movie, I honestly think the MillenniuM theme is NOT dead as some have said.

Think about it, things in the world have gotten a lot weirder and worse since the actual MillenniuM came to pass. I am not suprised, because being a believer I believe the Bible when it says the days grow evil, yet there are those who don't know what to make of the escalating evil. I mean, look at Spetember 11th, the conitnual internet suicide pacts that seem to keep growing and so on and so forth.

Now, I am not tryin to gain entertainment from such things, just setting up for a MM show revival or movie based on the orignal concept of the "Kingdom Come" mentality is very much there.

Also, I'm not sayin that Frank should be a one man army against terrorists.

But that could be a great storyline for a movie or an episode or many episodes.

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Hey i am with you Caleb. I think there are so much more to the Frank Black Saga, so much to dwell into and much more dark stories. Kingdom Come is a great example but i also think of Anamesis and Through a Glass Darkly as classic MM stories that are very human. Millenium theme to me just started, i think things are changing. I once heard a term once that someone used recently "The Turning" its a reference to the epidemic problem regarding violent juveniles and what lead up to their problems.

If there is a series/movie......what would be an appropriate title?

Black is Back?

Profiler for Hire?

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Guest Sinestro

Well, now I see I made a mistake in my post. When I said "Kingdom Come" I didn't mean the episode, I meant the phrase used in God's Word. Like....the end of the age....something like that. The end, basically. Sorry for the confusion, it was squarely my fault. :tongue:

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I am in agreement that there could be many new dark mysteries for Frank Black, whether it be under the title of MM or another. The world has indeed continued on its troubled path to what some perceive as eventual ruin...daily headlines will support this notion.

I also - on the other hand, understand those of us who are "purists" about MM, not wanting to alter it from its original brilliance.

But there IS so much more that can be done, that needs to be done in the war-for-all-time that is good vs. evil.

The example previously suggested - 9/11, has not only brought this to the forefront of our thoughts, but has re-established that evil exists, seemingly for evil's sake.

Therefore, I believe there is an almost unlimited supply of material to keep Frank busy for another 20 years! Although, personally I would do flips for just 3 more.

I realize I am now rambling thru this but - look at all the shows out there now that contain some facet of what MM first brought to us? There are too many to list.

As for the original intent of this post - the passing of the millenium as we keep our calendars, does not at least for me, mean that MM can not be reborn, or simply pick up where it was left to whither.

live long & prosper

fisbin :ouro:

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Guest Sinestro

First and formost, a reborn MillenniuM would have to retain the original theme music and MOST of the original open titles. Now for a movie, I don't know how the theme would come into play at the opening. I keep envisioning Frank maybe in a torubled sleep with his dreams being flashbacks (clips from the previous three seasons) all in tune with Johnny Cash's "The Man Comes Around".

Now, a possible movie title could be something along the lines of Revelation 17's mystery Babylon?

I dunno, just a suggestion.

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