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The X-Files: the upcoming mini series

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I've heard differing points on if this will be the title. Some have claimed that one of The X-Files CD's from La La Land Records, has a Mark Snow track with that title, but I couldn't find evidence of that. So, it could be the title, but who knows. The titles of the episodes didn't appear in the series, and I recal, you used to have to go to the Fox page to find out the episode titles or use the episode guide books. It's hard to say if "Home Again" will be the title at this early stage, but it would make sense from Glen's standpoint.

Will it be a new story that has a similar theme to the original "Home", will the Peacock family be referenced? it will be interesting to learn more!

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Posted at the Haven:

Episode 2

What we know:

Episode 1002 is written and directed by Glen Morgan. The episode is titled “Home Again” (also the title of the comic from season 11), but it is not a reprise of the Peacock family.

Mulder is in a suit and tie and Scully is wearing slacks and a jacket (i.e., dressed like FBI agents?).

In Philadelphia, a notice is posted that homeless people need to vacate the area or will be removed. Some of them may be taken away in a bus. A hose may be used to force them to leave the area. This occurs outside a building with a sign saying, “Temporary Field Office” for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Scully exits the same building.

Mulder exits a hardware shop near a gospel mission, in a rundown neighborhood, while someone watches him from a car. He is possibly following a young man who puts something (a spray-paint can?) in his backpack. (Scully is not present.)

What we think we know:

The Old Man (Rance Howard) has a “juicy” scene with Mulder (this could be in ep. 1).

Skinner is in this episode. (Also in ep. 1?)

There is a car explosion (or in ep. 1?).

Daryl Shuttleworth is cast as “Daryl Landry.” He is in Philadelphia at the location where the homeless are being cleared from the streets.

I could post the rest of the spoilers here, or start a specific thread for those. What would be best?

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Posted at the Haven:

I could post the rest of the spoilers here, or start a specific thread for those. What would be best?

My first thought was to have a brand new post and simply title it, "The X-Files (2016)," since it premiers on Jan. 24th. Seems like a long way off, but it will be here soon since time flies. That way all our discussions about it before the premier can continue here, then poof, we will have a brand new thread.

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