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Beware!Spoilers! Your view on the MillenniuM comics #1-5

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Since no Lady wants to start, i will (at least i got a Lady as my avatar...).

First of all, i will start with some questions about the comics, that i hope can be answered by you, or at least you share your thoughts with me.

1. Do you think we still have two different Millennium groups? The one, that is controlled by Legion and the one that works with Jordan? Or is it all the same? The thing is, we see the Ouroburos as we know it on the neck of the dead woman in comic #2 and as a background of Demon-Lucy in #5 were the runes are decryptet as the Ouroburos. On the other hand, we have Jordan's necklace, that shows it upside down. Does this mean something?
And if it is all the same Millennium group, then it could be, that they are just using Jordan to get Frank and it was only a trick, that she could suceed over Lucy so easily.

2. The Girl we see in the flashback that kills the student... is this supposed to be Jordan? I think so. So the group has her trained to seek out future criminals (rapist in this case) and kill them? If so, than this would go quite well with what i said above. Only one evil Millennium.

3. What visions does Jordan have of her father? It looks like he is in the grasp of the dark forces (legion) and thats why she doesnt want him to be near her. Or is this also a trick of Legio/the group to keep them seperate and to make Frank more controllable, to get him in the right position to deal about cooperation?

4. Did Lucy have sex with Mulder in the basement? cool.gif

5. Who is Bevan? The woman on the passport that Frank found in the house in #2 and in the Millennium PC database in #3. Its the woman that "killed" Monte Propps, right?

So thats it for now.

As a short review of the series:
I loved the atmosphere and the dialogue, especially Mulders witty monologues happy.gif

Its very well drawn, but sometimes the caracters are not very recognizable. I think Lucy looked the least like her real life actress.

It was great that we saw so many from the original series (or at least heard of them - Giebelhouse). We had Catherine, Bletch, Jordan, Lucy and also the red Cherokee laugh.gif .

This really needs a sequel! There are too many unanswered questions, that need to be cleared up!

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Since no Lady wants to start, i will (at least i got a Lady as my avatar...). signlol.gifthumbsup.gif

These are really good questions and views, perhaps someone else has an answer-

unfortunately, i can´t help at the moment i don´t have time to read the comics and to form an opinion to them (I really would like to do)

but i think i´m ready for a holidayblink.gif !helpme.gifI'm just tired!

But keep it up!

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