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The X-Files Lexicon's exclusive interview with Thierry J. Couturier

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Hi Everyone,

But we are pleased to finally present our exclusive interview with Thierry Couturier, who was the sound supervisor for The X-Files for roughly around the first five seasons during the Vancouver years. It also looks like he's been contacted to work post on the new revival series. Thierry also sent us a bunch of exclusive pics.

For fans who remember this, Thierry's son Nathan as a boy was the voice of "I Made This!" in the 1013 Productions title logo. You'll get to see a new picture of Nathan all grown up.


I am aware that this kind of interview won't be as exciting as interviews with writers, directors, actors, etc... but XFL has always been committed to featuring all aspects of people who worked on the series.

Also, of note Thierry worked on the Millennium pilot, so he has some interesting comments.

More material coming, rest assured.

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That was a fascinating interview, Matt. I take the point you made about people being more interested in interviews with writers/directors/producers, etc., but I find more interest in reading about the more behind-the-scenes aspects. I didn’t understand a lot of the technical stuff, but I got a good grasp of the precision work that goes into what Thierry does. It really is amazing to realise that a lot of what he does has an important influence on a show, yet probably 99+% of us aren’t aware of it.

There’s an episode of MM which had a 4-minute segment showing Frank and Hollis but no dialogue. If I can remember which episode that is, I’ll rewatch that segment, just to focus on how the sound was handled.

Thank you, Matt, for this interview. It was well worth reading.

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Great interview, thanks for sharing!

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