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X-Files - from trailer to new series [Spoilers!]

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The link worked for me, and even identified that I'm in the UK. But in order to vote, I'd need to enter my first&last name, an email address, my street address, and my postcode. All of which is far more information than is needed - they've already captured my IP address, hence recognising that I'm in the UK, so that's sufficient to prevent duplicate voting.

That's a pity, because I recall issues like this arising in the past. When fans get used to a particular person dubbing an actor, that becomes that actor's voice for them. It's almost important as the face, and no-one would think of replacing Mulder with a different actor, so the same should apply to the person dubbing his voice.

I think the petition would have a much better result if it made it much easier for people to vote.

I'll have to figure out what info/nonsense I can put in those required fields. I know that lots of people in the UK circumvent the address/postcode requirements by using the postal address of the Prime Minister, which I suppose is one good use of a politician. 

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This guy was replaced because of money of course. I hate to say this, but a petition is not going to do a thing when it comes to getting him back. It's about money, he wants a certain amount, they corporate folks think it's too high and neither side will negotiate. So, they just hired someone else and locked him into a contract. I seriously doubt the original guy will be back.

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Ha ha Libby, the prime ministers adress :D

I think the link didnt work because of the US-ID. Cause its an european issue. Maybe thats the cause you get blocked.

@manderson: That was definitely the cause with the second movie. For the new series, they asked him for his conditions and refused without telling him a reason. They just said they take someone else. I also think that they wont bring the original guy back, but they have big image problems now. People are posting pictures off their turned off TVs, with a X-Files sticker, and it also leaked, that Fox is thinking about blocking them on future series releases.

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I clicked on William's link today and it worked this time.  I will re-post it in hopes it will work for others.


Isn't it somewhat different then Williams?  Wish they were on the same page so I could compare.  Duh, I opened another window and went to page 2, and William's like takes up 3 lines, whereas mine is only 2, but that's the only difference, and could change once I hit submit.

Good luck everyone.

Yippee, came back to tell you all that I was able to sign, and even have the page translated.

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Maybe instead of a season 2 Chris will have a made for TV movie to give us closure.  Either way, miniseries or movie, we will be glad it will air.  Wouldn't it be awesome if they brought in Frank next season?  After all, Mulder and Scully already know him and what he's capable of.


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