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Wrong region se7enand1

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Hi se7enand1.

At last , I am in...

Remember me , the person from Belgium whose dvd's got lost...

Well , I finally tracked them down after a very long search , but...

My dvdplayer can't play them , you do knew that the region in Belgium is region 2?!

The very first dvd that I got from you played excellent, but these will not play and I payed 50 U.S. Dollars for them.

Now , is there any way possible that I send those dvd's back to you and receive the good ones?!

It is no use to keep them, because I am unable to play them.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes


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....it's not the region-code that's the problem. the dvd-r's are not region-coded. none of them are.-(YET!  :;): ) we just got an offical request from your postal service asking for proof that we mailed out your dvds. we have compled with the request,but i guess that is a moot point now.  the only 2-things i can think of regarding troubles with playback are: 1)-the dvdrs were "somehow" damaged during shipment or 2)-the new dvd-rs we use are,for some odd reason not comatible with your player(s).  i say "odd-reason" because the new ones we use are actually compatible with MORE-(near 99% of all players as stated by the manufaturer)-players worldwide than the old ones.  the dvd(s) you first got from us were recorded on a brand of dvd-r not made any longer. they were replaced with the new ones we are using now.   ~our "current" policy states that it is up to the buyer to determine whether thier player can read dvd-r but since that policy was created "after" you ordered that would,in my view,"grandfather" you out of that clause. so,since we no longer can get that brand of dvd-r to do over your titles the best i can do is offer to send you a non-completed order from a customer long ago that was dubbed using the old brand of dvd-r.  it compirses of "3"-dvd-r's containing the following eps: disc-1: 4c14-"sacrament/4c15-"walkabout",disc-2: 4c16-"covenant"/"4c17-"lamentation" and disc-3: 4c18-"powers,principalities,thrones and dominions"/4c19: "broken world".   ...i know you only ordered 2-dvds but i'll throw in the 3rd one no-charge if you are interested. all i ask is that you ship the old ones back to us and we'll ship the new ones out on our dime. -(the reason being that we test every dvd-r we make and could use your non-playing dvd-rs for another order. since i know you are a good man though,if you cannot swing shipping them back to us then we'll still mail you these 3-dvd-r's to you. let me know if this is alright with you. i know it's not the eps you ordered but it's the only compromise i can think of to offer you at this time :down:                      

             ~take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :p

                                                    DAVE :ouro:

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Hi se7enand1!

I will ship the two dvd's that I have back to you!  Because I am a good man  :santa: No problem.  Just give me your address and I will ship them as soon as possible.  My address is : GERRIT COOMAN / HOFKOUTER 18 / 9520 SINT-LIEVENS-HOUTEM / OOST-VLAANDEREN / BELGIUM.

Thanks for this.

You too a happy new year!!!


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