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Animals ~ Adorable to Fierce

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I agree, the one that looks like it has a broken jaw I believe could be fixed.  Yes, I too hope they are loved, and sure they are very loving.  Back to that old saying, "Never judge a book by its cover."

Time for adorable again.

Talk about content ~ "Let sleeping dogs lie."


Or kittens with a heart ~


Hard to believe these little mushkins are sleeping comfortably ~



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I was watching an episode of Bondi Vet recently. (That’s the documentary series about a hunky Australian veterinarian, who is majorly good with animals, but is a bit of a ham when there’s cameras around.)

He was asked to help out at a wildlife park – one of those with lots of space for exotic species. There were two cheetahs. Brothers who were closely attached to each other. They live in a large enclosure, lots of trees and shrubs, and with a high chain-link fence.

The keepers had noticed that one of the brothers didn’t seem too interested in the meat they were providing. There were concerns that that cheetah could have one of very many conditions – teeth, mouth, oesophagus, stomach – difficult to know, as you can’t ask a wild animal where it hurts.

So they decided they needed to tranquilise the cheetah and perform an endoscopy. Food was withheld from both cheetahs for the previous 24 hours, so as to ensure a clear view of the stomach.

Tranquilising a wild animal isn’t done lightly – just the act of confining and darting an animal has its risks – and it’s not easy to gauge the right level of anaesthetic subsequently needed for an endoscopy or surgery.

But, all that went well, and the endoscopy was started. Mouth good, oesophagus good, uh oh, what’s that in the stomach…..

…. an ex-rabbit.

Australia is “blessed” with an abundance of rabbits, some of whom rashly ventured through the chain-link fence. Out of the sight of the keepers, that cheetah was doing what cheetahs do, and was happily munching on the local wildlife, which was probably more exciting than the dead meat the keepers were providing.

Much embarrassment and laughter ensued. Plus relief.

Just goes to show that you can take the cat out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the cat.

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Cute kitty and bouquet of hamsters. or gerbils. I never know!!


LOL at the wild cat story.  Hey it's what they do! But mystery solved! LOL

I wonder if I can catch that show on youtube or something.

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Libby, first, I sure appreciated the story about the cheetahs, and yes, the vet is a hunk, and that's saying it mildly.  Yum.

Also, what a cute video, and what fun the Meerkats had with the pumpkin.  Just like children with a box and treats inside.  If I want a good laugh, or even a good cry, I'd rather watch animals anyday then humans.

Seesthru, love that you called the Hamsters or gerbils a "bouquet," that was too funny.

Just couldn't resist sharing these images ~




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Bahahah! LOL Cute costumes! But on the one, I now have the "On top of spaghetti"  song stuck in my head! LOL:330::330::330:

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