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The lone gunmen pilot

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I just rewatched the one season of the Lone Gunmen.  I didn't know the pilot was about planes flying into the twin towers.  This show aired in 2001, in March.  6 months before the attack on the  world trade center, the pentagon, etc...  It was strange watching it again, and coming to the horrible realization that  this show had that plot. Makes you wonder of the terrorists took their plan form the show, or if it was a strange coincidence.   anyway,  I did like that show.  I caught it on youtube.   It was kind of nice.  The show is silly, but such a  change from the  dark stuff I normally watch.   I would have posted in another thread but I didn't find any reply button!


Anyone else here like that show?  Byers was my favorite, though I liked them all.

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The World Trade Center heart-wrenching incident happened in 1993, and The Long Gunmen pilot aired in March of 2001.  I'm pretty sure they used that plot to introduce the show.

As far as the terrorists, I'm one of those that believe our elite leaders, not necessarily our politicians, were in knowledge of the plot, and helped pull it off.

Building 7 Implosion: The Smoking Gun of 9/11

Seven hours after the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers, a third high-rise building collapsed. The characteristic signs of controlled demolition were abundant.

Although it received little media attention at the time, the third-worst structural building failure in modern history occurred on September 11, 2001. World Trade Center (WTC) Building 7 was a 47-story, steel-framed, fire-protected, high-rise office building located about a football field’s length from the WTC North Tower. Unlike its two taller cousins, WTC 7 was never hit by an aircraft, yet it fell to the ground suddenly, displaying the classic signatures of explosive controlled demolition.

Rest of the story ~ https://www1.ae911truth.org/home/344-building-7-implosion-the-smoking-gun-of-911.html

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I recall a video of Frank Spotnitz talking maybe just a couple of days later. He seemed very shaken, as of course everyone was, but he was concerned that maybe the terrorists had taken their plan from the Lone Gunmen pilot episode. But the Twin Towers were an obvious target for a terrorist group wanting maximum publicity; there had previously been a terrorist bomb in the basement of one of the towers; there had been an accidental plane collision with (I think) the Empire State Building; and there was a book (by Michael Crichton?) which had a similar plot. Given the length of time it took for the terrorist pilots to go through training and qualifying, it wouldn't have been the Gunmen pilot episode that provided the idea to the terrorists. Let's face it - if you're wanting the maximum effect, then you go for the biggest targets that will generate maximum publicity. That's what the IRA did during their bombing campaign on the UK mainland.

Modern tall buildings are required to be designed to fall within their own footprint. That's the case in earthquake-prone areas, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, and also Seattle, because obviously if a skyscraper were to fail, you wouldn't want it collapsing sideways and taking out other buildings. The Towers, and probably many other skyscrapers in NY, were additionally designed to collapse in their own footprint should another accidental collision by an aircraft occur, except that the parameters hadn't taken into account that aircraft had got a lot bigger, and therefore had much more fuel, than at the time the Towers were built.

New York isn't a notable earthquake zone, but there was a significant seismic event when each Tower fell. The taller the building, the greater effect if the ground underneath it gets destabilised - that will affect the structural integrity of the building; but it can take some time for a building to fall as the structural failures propagate until it can no longer stand. I'm as sure as I can be, from following various lecture courses, that WTC 7 wasn't a case of failure via explosives, but was a failure from seismic consequences, and that it fell as it was designed to do once it got too weakened to stand. Of course, there's the possibility that Al Qaeda had hoped there would be collateral failure of other buildings - the bin Laden family made their money in construction.

I think one thing was particularly chilling for the makers of The Lone Gunmen after 9/11. The footage of the aircraft approaching, but just going over the top of the Towers, was actually filmed from a camera suspended under a helicopter. The only CGI was to substitute the underside of the helicopter for the underside of an aircraft. Frank Spotnitz said that they had to get special permission to fly a helicopter at night, but that of course that's been very unlikely to be permitted since 2001.

I've got the Lone Gunmen DVDs, which I ripped as at the time I bought them they weren't available in Region 2 mode. There's a "Making of" documentary which I have in .mp4 format that I could make available via my Dropbox account if anyone would like to download it.

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True about the time it takes to plan an attack.     I remember in Ft Walton Beach Fl, a small plane hit a condominium.  It was holiday time, and I was driving by the building, and wondering how they got that odd looking bow on the building.  Then I realized it was a plane hanging from the building.   It had pierced the building near the top floor.  Luckily there was no fire. The woman passenger died  at the scene, the pilot lived.  It was  the result of one of those really fast moving fogs that move in.


 If I hadn't seen the towers falling before I knew what happened, how the planes flew into them, if I'd seen the towers being hit before they fell, I probably would have thought that they  would be okay, because this little plane   didn't hurt  that building much.  But, I've no concept of  size, etc... and this plane is small, and wasn't carrying the fuel jets carry.


As for  theories on what happened, and who knew what.    There were warnings.There was scuttle  and it made it to the white house.   It was unheeded.

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World trade center is the whole organism, all the buildings.  Twin towers were the two towers.  Some call it World trade center still because more than the 2 towers fell.  I guess now it's officially named  ground zero, but  it is the world trade center.    I  recognize it by all names myself, YOu say world trade center, I know what it is, twin towers I know what they are,  ground zero, yeah I know what that is.   Something that shouldn't have happened, but did.

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