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Millennium Revisted...A few thoughts

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Hello fellow fans. It's been a while since I've been involved in this community, but thought I would check in. This is Matt from the now defunct site Millennium Collections from years ago. It's been a while since I ran that site, and have recently been  re-watching the show with the love of my life for the last 3 years. She loves it as much as I do and it has been fun to go over the old episodes. Last night I dragged out the box of memorabilia and found some treasures. Laserdiscs, paper books, books on tape, signed press photos, and even a few Emmy "Considertion" videotapes that I had no idea were still in my possession....LOL

It's good to see that the fanbase is still active and loves the show as much as I still do. My work these days does involve the Federal Government on a regular basis, but it's much less dramatic than Frank Black. I run gun traces and get to track down bad guys on occasion, but rarely get to draw my weapon. (thank god)

Carry on my friends, and keep the legend alive.

Matt (aka: Ernie Bogafolio III)

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Wonderful to have you here again nevermore93 aka Matt aka Ernie, and hope to see you often.

We have threads already started with images of things people have from the show and would love it if you were to post some pictures.  I will find them when I have some extra time and send you the links.

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