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Chris Carter thinking about bringing Millennium back

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I can't quite grok the views of execs on DVD/BluRay releases.  If those media come out, they come on a slow boat from China over a year later, usually coinciding with a belated premiere of the season.  

Usually, the best time to get someone to buy is when they feel  an immediate need or desire for the product, and that would strike me as being immediately after a finale.  Watching at that point is a habit. Or perhaps at least by Black Friday.  

Most of my TV viewing is erratic binging on DVDs when I have time, so I'm often late to the party, but I prefer owning (as opposed to renting/streaming) my own copy of the media.  So glad I got MM as soon as those DVDs came out.  They still play (I think.)

Some DVD/Blurays  never come.  I've given up on ever owning Man in the High Castle, for instance.  Plus, seasons have become so short and hiatuses so long.  

A changing industry, to be sure.


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Yes G G, people buy based on how they feel, with their emotional realm, and why advertisers play to that.

Interesting, because most of my viewing is also erratic, with DVDs, or on a flash drive, and I too would rather own.  Not a fan of commercials at all.  And just to be on the safe side, besides having the original set of MLM where the seasons were separated, I have a backup new set with them all in one box.  And I too doubt that it will ever come out in Blu-Ray.

Yes, seasons have become very short, and sadly they charge just as much for the shorter ones as the have the longer ones.  The industry has changed, and definitely more of a money-making business.  I also think streaming and torrenting is hurting their sales.   20 something episodes is very long, and it seems like the writers end up grabbing at straws, whereas 6 episodes isn't enough.  You no sooner get into the show and poof, it's over for a year, or more.

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