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Music for this Episode

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Greetings.  Forgive me for being new.  Ha.  I missed this series when it first came out due to work schedule, moving... and life.  I have finally picked up all three seasons and am watching like a mad person.  Anyway, I hope this question is in the right place... it's regarding music in the episode "Sense and Antisense".   I have spent a couple of hours searching and reading websites and cannot find mention of the music playing at the beginning of the episode when the bleeding man gets in the cab.  It's only a short piece, but reminds me of music by Enigma.  If anyone knows what group performs it... I would be appreciative.  Not sure what to think of Season 2 yet.  Season one had my mouth agape at practically every single episode.  What an amazing classic series.  There is truly nothing like it.  Thanks again. 

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Welcome to the forums!

Its interesting you mention this as i was rewatching that episode yesterday and took note of that particular piece as well. My guess was that it was Mark Snow's work but i did find the instrumentation, including tabla, and arrangement quote unusual considering he mostly used synthesizers to score the show. You might be right in that its a borrowed piece.. Fit the mord very well!

You're in for quite a few suprises With season 2 :-) 

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:hiya:Hi Ya, and welcome to the MLM forums, and our home away from home.  Hope to see you here often.

Feel free to ask anyone for help navigating.  It does take time to learn this site, and it's companion, which has everything you could possibly ask for.

When it comes to music, I consider our Elder, SadEyes (Alex, in Germany) our music expert.  He has a thread called, "Snow Files of the Week," and will post a track, or two, from different Mark Snow albums every week, which he started in May of 2014.  It's possible he's posted what you are looking for, but if not, he should know the title, or get back to you with it.  He has his own web page for Mark Snow on Facebook, and has his own compilations as well.  Here's the link to page 1 of the thread here at the forums ~


You can put your mouse over his name and info will pop up where you can click on the message icon and send him a PM (Personal Message).

Here's the link to his Facebook page ~


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