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What Episodes Correspond To These Descriptions?

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Guest Ballystix

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Guest Ballystix

Hi, im new, just wish to ask some questions regarding two episodes i barley remember.

The first episode starts off with a teen being kidnapped at night. Later on, he is tortured and forced to drink massive ammounts of .... it was either (human?) blood or water.. until death. I have gone through each episode description and cant seem to find it.. im beginning to wonder if it was even a millennium episode or not (probably was.. what kind of show would protray something so grusome as that?)

The other episode i have trouble remembering was definitly a season 3 one.. it involved two individuals living in an apartment .. about the same age.. behaving extermely violent and irrationally.. for example.. i believe in one part, one of the two individuals decides to shoot their next door neighbor for snoring to loud while sleeping. Im also pretty sure the episode ends in a car crash involving Emma and the other two criminals.

if any of you guys could name these episodes that would be great.

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....the first ep you are thinking of is WEEDS by Frank Spotnitz. The ep takes place in a gated community. none of the boys actually dies due to drinking the blood, though.

....the other episode is "CLOSURE", by, i think, Laurence Andries if i am not mistaken. That one involved spree killers, the first time that was really explored, and the openning was the two buddies in a hotel room trying to sleep and the guy next door keeps snoring........well........not for long anyway!



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