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Frank's Jeep

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Guest ssmullins

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  • 3 months later...
Guest Mr Noir

LOL ohman... :p

Here's a pic of Frank's Jeep in the Pilot.


I love this car... :D Got a neighbour with the same car in the same color. ;) Don't know if his name is Frank. *LOL*

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Cool thanks for that! I saw a black one a few months ago.

Someone once posted here with all the right model details but I can't recall who it was. They even knew the level of trim on it based on the year of the model! It would be nice to verify this info.

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A friend of mine has one. But it's a dark-green one, with gold stripes at the sides. And i don't know exactly which model it is. You see a lot of them in Belgium lately. Cherokee's having a revival overhere at the moment :bigsmile:

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