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The Pest Human Monster

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I debated with myself for quiet some time trying to decide whether to start this thread and then what to title it.  We have "The Great and the Good," and for conversational reasons, we needed something for those that are opposite of it, which is what Millennium was all about, horrific stories, "Good vs Evil," and there's a lot of them out there.  I thought of, "The Shameful and the Bad," but it Just wasn't bad enough considering the evils that these people have done, especially the first story I'm posting.  Then I was somehow reminded of a few MLM episodes like. "Dead Letters, Monster, Lamentation, The Pest House, Skull and Bones, Borrowed Time, Human Essence."  So I figured a combination of two or more and came up with, "The Pest Human Monster."  If someone can come up with a better title, please let me know and Libby can always change it for us.

Having said that, I understand that there may be people who dislike or disagree with this thread, and that's okay.  If there are rejections, then it can be removed and deleted.  I mean no disrespect to anyone who has been a victim or to their family.  For example ~

Walkabout (Randee) lost her nephew, John, in the Colorado theater shooting.  The shooter's name will never be mentioned.   

I openly admit, I am a victim of rape, and have no desire to honor the men in any way.  Yes, there were two, one with a gun to my head, and the other, well you know what he was doing.  Having said that, yes, there is forgiveness in my heart, but that doesn't mean I can't hate what they said and did.  I have made peace with it.

So here we go, post number one, that turns my stomach just thinking of it.  Please, remember, "NO NOTORIETY."  Please do not honor him/her/them and post the name(s).

~       ~       ~       ~       ~

Mother Denied Parole After Broiling Her 14-Month-Old Daughter Alive in a 600-Degree Oven

An Alabama mother sentenced to 25 years in jail for putting her 14-month-old daughter in a 600-degree oven has officially been denied parole this week.

Despite previously claiming it was an accident, XXXXXX, 40, pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of her daughter, Ashley Smith, in 2003. According to WSFA, XXXXXX “removed the racks out of the oven, turned it to broil and waited for it to heat up, and then put her head first into that oven.” When her father heard Smith screaming, he quickly ran to the kitchen.

Smith suffered severe third-degree burns and received over 25 reconstructive surgeries after she was pulled from the oven by her father. Now 15, she argued against XXXXXX being released from jail early because she believes she might still be a threat to her niece and nephew, who are currently both still very young.

“I honestly do not trust her and I’m afraid for their safety,” she said, according to Us Weekly. “I can’t imagine anybody being in as much pain as I was in… I do not hate XXXXXX, but I do not love her. I forgave XXXXXX.”

According to People, the state’s parole board rejected XXXXXX’s request for an early release on Tuesday, and she will not be eligible for parole again until 2021.


(Thank God the girl survived, but what a horrible thing to have to live with.  She should NEVER be eligible for parole, and I think she should be in a prison, not a hospital, for the mentally insane.  As a mother, I just can't see how anyone could do such a thing to their child, unless it is insanity.  We can say she is a Sociopath, or a Psychopath, either way, she's insane.)

Ashley Smith Then ~




Ashley Smith Now (speaking at the parole hearing) ~



FYI ~ How to Tell a Sociopath from a Psychopath


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Just a brief response, as it's late here. I do think we should be able to discuss real-life evils here, given that that's what the show referenced.

I am so, so sorry that you experienced being raped. Too many people still think that rape = "sex gone bad"; in actual fact, it's a humiliating, dehumanising, controlling act of violence. That's why it's regarded as a weapon of war.

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20 hours ago, Libby said:

Just a brief response, as it's late here. I do think we should be able to discuss real-life evils here, given that that's what the show referenced.

I am so, so sorry that you experienced being raped. Too many people still think that rape = "sex gone bad"; in actual fact, it's a humiliating, dehumanising, controlling act of violence. That's why it's regarded as a weapon of war.

Totally agree, you definitely feel humiliated and violated.  Experts say that rape is an act of violence and definitely a weapon of war.  One reason why many fought having women in the military.

~       ~       ~

2013 ~ Two men 23 and 19, were arrested in connection with the shooting death of a toddler in a stroller in New York City.

NEW YORK The man accused of shooting a toddler to death in his stroller on a New York City street says it was an "evil act" he has to live with.

XXXXX tells The New York Daily News that "remorseful doesn't even describe what I feel." He spoke to the newspaper at the Rikers Island jail.

XXXXX was one of two men arrested in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on Friday, the same day the toddler, Antiq Hennis, was buried.

CBS Station WCBS reports XXXXX and xxxxx, 19, also from Brooklyn, were apprehended in the apartment of xxxxx's sister.

XXXXX was charged with second-degree murder. xxxxx was charged with criminal possession of a weapon.


Authorities believe XXXXX's intended target was Antiq's father, Anthony Hennis, and that the shooting may have been gang-related.

The 23-year-old suspect tells the News he never intended to hurt the toddler. He says: "I could never do that to an innocent little baby. It's not in my heart."

He offered his condolences to Antiq's family.

On Friday, hundreds joined the child's relatives at the Grace Funeral Chapel in Brooklyn. The toddler was dressed in white as he lay in the tiny casket.

"You stand there, and you see a little boy laying there, you're gonna feel emotional," Ralph Kokason told WCBS. "You know, a little boy that hadn't even gotten the chance to enjoy his life."

Yvette Telfair-Clay, Antiq's godmother, said, "Little boys playing with guns, that want to be men. They're not men. They're little boys.

"Men don't shoot babies. May they rot in hell."


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The Latest: No Bond for Mom Accused of Putting Son in Fridge
(No picture of the child is available to honor him.  I will not post the mother's 
picture.  If you want to see it, below is the link to the page.)



The Latest on a South Carolina mother charged with killing her infant by putting him in the refrigerator (all times local):


2:40 p.m.

Bond has been denied for a mother charged with killing her infant son by putting him in the refrigerator for several hours.

A magistrate judge made that determination during a brief hearing Tuesday for 27-year-old XXX XXX. She is charged with homicide by child abuse, and it will be up to a circuit court judge to determine if she can be released from jail on bond.

XXX appeared in court with a public defender. Her next court date is Nov. 10.

XXX was arrested Monday. Deputies say she was at her home February 27 when she put her 4-day-old son in the refrigerator and shut the door. After three hours, she took him out and sought medical attention.

Chester County Coroner Terry Tinker says William David Blackwell died from hypothermia and asphyxiation.


1 p.m.

The father of an infant who died after being refrigerated for several hours has a lengthy arrest record.

Records show 35-year-old NNN NNN NNN has convictions in South Carolina dating back to 2005 arrests for petit larceny and shoplifting. Corrections Department officials say NNN also served more than two years in prison after another petit larceny conviction and subsequent probation violation.

There was no answer Tuesday at phone numbers listed for NNN, who isn't charged in the death of his newborn son. Authorities say four-day-old William David Blackwell died in February after his mother put him in the refrigerator for several hours.

Chester County Coroner Terry Tinker says the baby died from hypothermia with asphyxiation from being placed in the cold.

Twenty-seven-year-old XXX XXX was expected to have a bond hearing Tuesday on a charge of homicide by child abuse. It wasn't known if she had an attorney.........................

(Click link above for entire story)


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On 8/26/2016 at 6:47 PM, seesthru said:

One of the most depraved, horrific acts I've ever  read about. 

Police: New Mexico Girl, 10, Was Drugged, Sexually Assaulted, Killed; Mom, 2 Others Arrested

Yes, definitely horrific.  I read about it too, and had to get up from the computer and walk away to collect myself.  Same with some of theses other stories.  Kid in an oven, kid in a refrigerator, abusing, beating and killing animals.  Not a fan of zoos either.

Did you hear or read about the 2 nuns that were killed?

Then there's the girl that was abducted at 22, and spent 7 years as a slave in a Mexican drug cartel.  Or the woman who bites, stabs her husband with scissors for drinking her beer.  Pitiful.

There's a lot of sick people out there and it appears to be getting worse instead of better.

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It's out there. The evil, the darkness. i don't know if it's increasing, or we are just hearing about it more because of  the internet and the media.   Cruelty and depravity have been with us since the dawn of mankind.  It's hard to live in a bubble these days,  pretending it's not out there.

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it is increasing .  1] because people live on top of each other [ 7.5 billion people] 2] people don't have to focus on survival anymore needing each other to stay alive   and 3] people want to be famous and the press / social media is making them famous .  hopefully no notoriety will catch on and the media will focus on the victims and their families .

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I think there is a lot of reason why evil and people who creates still exist, its not that hard if you think about it, we did evolved as a human species, we did created a order, law and we did start to call ourselfs a civilization. Truth is that we still came from the same source, man did killed for food and for a territory before, we are still a animals in a sense and no matter what we do or how we start call ourselfs or whatever rules we will make, everybody is capable of killing, the only difference here that some of us can control it and some of us dont. Its hard fight with our nature, which of course i dont saying its good manifest our dark side in a public, im just always wondering when victim of the crime asking why, well we are what we are and some of us are weaker to not be temptated with this urge.

What i think it changed was reasons, yes in a modern days we obviously doesnt need to hunt, for most of the time we dont fight anymore for unexplored lands ( of course there are still conflicts but i doubt that somebody will want claim USA for example ), we dont need to kill anymore, yet this primal itching is there, im not saying for everybody, i doesnt have it and you people obviously too, but the weaker ones who just cant control self that good then creates a reasons to have chance feed the temptation.

Then you have others who just simply lost theyr minds, even in modern days not everything is known what exactly madness is, there are some scientific proofs with some cases, but still human brain is a big of a mystery... But then again, most of these people loose theyr recognition with theyr control and again they are more driven our primal side of humanity. Some of those people killed a person and never felt guilty, and in some twisted way they wasnt, because theyr brain couldnt recognised that it is bad in modern days.

Then we have a normal people who are pushed, every single one of us are capable to do evil, we dont maybe think that we could but there is a lot of things which can just force us. I was waiting until the end of the post before i wrote this because i dont want forced attention i really did want to make a point. But this is what i know from my experience, i had a girlfriend who was killed by her roomate who poisened her by mix of pills, reason for that he was believed that as a daughter of doctor she will have some kind of drugs on her, she didnt know that he was junky, she just moved there, he found a lot of medications, but nothing what could make him happy, nobody actually knows why, most logical explonation was that he was in bad shape after not having a fix a long time, so he grabbed some of his own pills he had and combined with some of hers and did calculated mix, after when she drinked what looked as an inocent coffee she had kind of seizure and she was litteraly paralyzed he waited almost hour before he did call a ambulance. It was late, they was able to stabilized her, but she felt under coma, after a month she died. Some people are able and can be pushed, i did saw that man who did that and i have to very honestly say that if there would not be like for people holding me i would be right now in jail for a murder, and my friends do believe me in that moment i didnt cared and i would in 100% do it. Anyway point is that in some cases so many of us could be driven to do horrible things, but yet in our hearts still being a good people, who just live through a crysis that we couldnt handle.

Last and finaly, WALKABOUT i am truly sorry for what happened to you, dont take it as a plain pitty, i know the feel when everybody is saying this because its right thing to do and the worst thing is the "look" which people gives you when they know, i dont want you to feel like that from what i just writted. Iam sorry as a person who all my life fight with violence against a woman, i did grow up with two sisters and i love woman psyché very much because of that, and this is what i hate most in my life, when man needs to prove themself that they are Alpha males no matter what, in those cases i am ashamed for our gender because that this is one of the worst evil i know.


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