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(Wasn't sure where to post this story, but thinking this was a good start, and can be moved if needed.  Pitiful story, and so sad for the families of the deceased.)


Morning Mix
‘Flies were throughout the building’: 16 decomposing bodies found at Fla. funeral home


Felicia Boesch and Gregory Dunply were arrested Sunday after 16 bodies were found decomposing in a Callaway, Fla., funeral home. (Bay County Sheriff's Office)


When authorities arrived at Brock’s Home Town Funeral Home in Callaway, Fla., on Sunday afternoon, they opened the door only to be greeted by the overpowering odor of death.

And when they ventured inside, they encountered a scene even worse than the stench.

“Investigators counted six bodies being kept in the main part of the funeral home with no refrigeration at all,” the Bay County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release. Ten more were decomposing inside a “cooler” that was actually a balmy 62 degrees.

“None of the bodies had been embalmed. Those remains whose families requested cremation had not been cremated,” the sheriff’s office said.

“Flies were throughout the building.”

Authorities arrested funeral director Gregory Dunphy along with the mortuary’s manager, Felicia Boesch. They have been charged with six and ten counts of unlawful preservation and storage of human remains, respectively.

The horrific find has shocked authorities in the small panhandle city.

“I’m not aware of us having a situation like this before,” Sheriff Tommy Ford told WJHG. “The funeral home industry in Bay County is very professional and it appears that this particular funeral home was having some business and financial issues.”

The grim discovery has also outraged families who were led to believe their loved ones would be looked after.

“We were told our grandmother was already cremated and we were just waiting on a special ordered urn to arrive,” Shannon Dougherty Bailey wrote on Facebook. “Instead her body was rotting away in a freezer.”

Dunphy, 64, blamed the situation on Boesch, 39, whose father owns the funeral home, according to authorities.

“I had no say or hand in anything,” he told WJHG. “A couple times she said, ‘I’ll be in tonight, I’ll do cremations and make those remains go in the proper temperature-controlled area.’ And I have to rely on her as a person of integrity to live up to her word, which obviously she did not.”

Dunphy also claimed that he was the one who tipped off authorities.

Authorities contest both those claims, saying it was someone else who notified them of the decomposing bodies, although they admit Dunphy is cooperating with the investigation.

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this has happened one than once in the Chicago land area .  $$$$ .  its why pre-planned arrangements are becoming popular with the paperwork filed with ones attorney and executor of the will.  unfortunately even family members can not always be trusted due to black market body part trafficking .

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Isn't it pathetic how mankind treats his fellow human when they're alive over greed?  And then greedy mankind carries it all the way to the grave.  Shameful.

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