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Pacific island funeral cannibalism and prions

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An interesting piece from NPR about "prion disease" that was identified in Papua New Guinea, and something similar, chronic wasting disease, is present among wild elk and deer, question raised if it could be spread to humans that eat infected animals?

...of course we all remember how prions came into play with the Marburg virus in MM



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Wolvesevolve, great to see you here again, you've been missed.

WOW, what an article.  I truly expect the day to come where we won't be able to eat meat anymore, and probably for the best considering all they inject them with.  I'm close to being a vegetarian because it's getting harder and harder for me to eat, knowing it's an animal.  I mentally and emotionally can't handle it anymore.  And eating people, OMG.  And the end does sum it all up in a nut shell ~


"Chronic wasting disease in North America is spreading fast," says Belay. The disease causes infected wild deer and elk to starve to death. "In early 2000, we had about three states that reported CWD in the wild in deer and elk. Today, that number is 21."

Belay says the disease is "a little bit concerning" because, unlike mad cow disease and kuru, where infectious prions were concentrated in the brain and nervous system tissue, in an animal with chronic wasting disease, the misfolded prions show up all over the body. They can even be found in saliva, feces and urine, which could explain how the disease is spreading so quickly among wild deer and elk.

The CDC is working with public health authorities in Wyoming and Colorado to monitor hunters for signs of prion disease.

"Unfortunately, because these diseases have long incubation periods, it's not easy to monitor transmission," says Belay. He says he and his colleagues have yet to find any evidence that hunters have picked up chronic wasting disease from the meat of infected wild animals.

The Politics Of Cannibalism. Or, Crazy Things Academics Write About
The Politics Of Cannibalism. Or, Crazy Things Academics Write About
"And that, in itself, is good news for us," he says.

But, as with kuru, it will take years — maybe even decades — before he can know for sure.



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' wasting disease '  has been around for a very long time .  like other diseases , it has flare ups every so many years .  with the job I had, we had to be aware of these flare ups to inform our meat plants that processed deer / elk .  as far as livestock , many are only needed for eating so if vegetarianism becomes the norm , they would serve no purpose and need be eliminated .  I will always be a carnivore but in the future if we have too many people to feed it is more efficient to eat only plants.  however nutrients found in meat and not found in plants will have to supplemented to maintain health as we evolved as omnivores .

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We also have to be concerned about eating veggies because of the loss of nutrients in our soil.  It has reached the point where are planet cannot sustain the over-population, and may very well be fighting back with all the natural disasters.


FAO says Food Production must Rise by 70%

With global hunger on the rise again, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has issued a sobering forecast on world food production. If global population reaches 9.1 billion by 2050, the FAO says that world food production will need to rise by 70%, and food production in the developing world will need to double.

Rest of the story ~ https://www.populationinstitute.org/resources/populationonline/issue/1/8/

This site shows the world population at 7,444,115,500 (hundreds adding 30 every 5 seconds).  No telling where the number will be next time I visit.  Just since I've been typing it's past 600 and almost at 7.

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