"The Ballad Of Lucy Butler"

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Hey guys,

i found this on youtube, and i thought ill give it its own thread in the Legion section :) Hope thats ok and youll enjoy.


In the comments, the band respones to a comment made:

Lucy Butler is a demon.
Yes, she is! I loved Millennium series! She's a character from that show, at least that's where i got the name from. One of the best series ever. (Emil here, the guy on vocals)"
Cool, isnt it? :diablo:

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Wonder why the video isn't displaying.  I will give it a go.

YAY ! !

And now for the MLM Lucy ~



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WilliamSchindler, not bad you found that on yotuube.

Sorry for hijacking this thread guys, but it's one of the few active topics on the forum.


wow I haven't been active on this forum for over 5 years, time flies so fast nowdays or i'm getting older, take your pick :hilarious:

I'm so happy and thankful the excellent tiwwa webpage is online after so many years.

Soon it will be the 20th anniversary of millennium, to me 1996 doesn't feel that long ago.


Major props to you guys for keeping this webpage alive.

Let's hope a lot more members will sign on when the anniversary date approaches.


Earthnut a warm welcome to you madam, I remember you :)

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William, thank you for your warm welcome, and you're not hijacking anything.  I remember you too, and so glad to see you back at the forums.  You truly have been missed.  :52:    Some of us do our best to be here every day because we consider this a home away from home and love everyone here.  Even if we disagree on something, the love and respect for each other's opinions shines through.

To WilliamSchindler ~ :23:  :22:

millenniumgroup ~ great to see you back.  :59:  :ouroborous:

Mr. Belch -----> :52:

Libby ~ As always, love and huggers.


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