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Agreed, I think one of the strongest things about the Alien films is that it's one of the few franchises to really give the opportunity for the director to leave their mark and offer up something of their own sensibilities. Completely different to what you see with something like Marvel. Saying Alien 3 just didn't happen undermines that approach and on the surface it feels more like a fan service project. 

I loved the idea of Ridley and James partnering for Alien 5/6. One would've been set on earth and the other involving something of a Homeworld. Fox thought AVP was the way to go though  :/ haha.  

Some of my thoughts rattling around about it aaahaha. 

Seven and One [3.19]

:"Frank Black" (voiceover): I've been given the gift of insight, of seeing in the dark and seeing into the darkness of men's hearts and minds. I know what evil is. I've seen it, felt it, tasted it, inhaled the demon breath of its ancient powers. The same powers that have been prophesied through history and which are now marshalling. Who is witness to this? Have we stopped listening to the prophets, the seers and the sayers? I have misjudged my gift. If I see in the darkness it's because there is light. And it is the light which guides me now. The light that will not go out, that will lead us out of the dark night, if we let ourselves feel this, too. It will protect me, as it protects those around me. Even as the ancient forces try to steal our breaths. Seven years of trials and tribulations. Seven plus one, the prophets tell us. Is this the end? The last year of this peace? Or the beginning?

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