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Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher

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It's amazing how many deaths there were in 2016, and yet I was amazed at what Snopes.com said ~


While many high-profile celebrities passed away in 2016, the overall "notable death" count for the year was not unusually high.

Wikipedia has posted a list of deaths in 2016.  May they all rest in peace.


Having shared this information, I now come to the reason for this new post.  Revealing my age, I grew up watching Debbie Reynolds performing, and now I can add her very talented daughter.  Just like most of you, I totally understand Debbie's heartache since I too have lost many loved ones, including my oldest son at 39 in 2008.  I gave birth to three sons and one daughter.

First, on January 7, 2017 on HBO, there will be a documentary aired about Debbie, Carrie, and I assume the whole family, titled, "Bright Lights," that I am so looking forward to.

I am positive that everyone's heart goes out to Todd.  What a painful experience losing your mother and sister within 2 days.




I have been especially touched by artwork images of Debbie and Carrie that have been posted online of the two of them together, and one picture of them in Heaven.  I was so very compelled to share them here, as well as a Star Wars art image.


Fisher, Carrie & Debbie Twitter Art.jpg


Fisher, Todd, Drawing of Debbie & Carrie in Heaven.jpg


Star Wars ~ Carrie's Grave.jpg


May all those we have lost, not just in 2016 but in our own lifetimes, rest in peace with our love and appreciate of their talents and gifts they have blessed us with.  :22:

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    • By Earthnut
      Erin Moran, Joanie Cunningham In "Happy Days," Dies At 56
      NEW YORK (AP) — Erin Moran, the former child star who played Joanie Cunningham in the sitcoms "Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi," died Saturday at age 56.
      A statement from the sheriff's department in Harrison County, Indiana, said the dispatcher "received a 911 call about an unresponsive female. Upon arrival of first responders, it was determined that Erin Moran Fleischmann was deceased. An autopsy is pending."
      The dispatcher confirmed to The Associated Press that the woman was the actress, who had been married to Steven Fleischmann.
      "Such sad sad news. RIP Erin," ''Happy Days" star Ron Howard tweeted Saturday. "I'll always choose to remember you on our show making scenes better, getting laughs and lighting up TV screens."
      A Burbank, California, native, Moran began acting in TV and movies before she was 10 years old. She had several years of experience when she was cast in 1974 in "Happy Days" as Joanie Cunningham, the kid sister to high school student Richie Cunningham, played by Howard. Other cast members included Tom Bosley and Marion Ross as Joanie's parents and Henry Winkler as the loveable tough guy Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli.
      "What happened with all of us was like we were this family," she told Xfinity in 2009. "It was so surreal with all the cast members. ... They were my family, get it?"
      Debuting at a time of nostalgia for the seemingly innocent 1950s, the sitcom was set in Milwaukee and became a long-running hit. Howard and Winkler were the show's biggest stars, but the smiling, freckle-faced Moran also became popular. In 1982, she was paired off with fellow "Happy Days" performer Scott Baio in the short-lived "Joanie Loves Chachi." Moran returned to "Happy Days" in 1984, the show's final season.
      "I would love to do a feature (film), I'd love to do a play," she told CNN in 1981 when asked what she'd like to do after "Happy Days."
      Her more recent credits included "The Love Boat" and "Murder, She Wrote," but she never approached the success of "Happy Days" and was more often in the news for her numerous personal and financial struggles and was reportedly homeless at times.
      In 2011, she and Ross and former "Happy Days" actors Anson Williams and Donnie Most sued CBS, saying they were owed money for merchandising related to the show. The lawsuit was settled the following year.
      Moran told Xfinity that she had been working on a memoir, called "Happy Days, Depressing Nights."

    • By Earthnut
      ‘Happy Days’ Star Al Molinaro Dies

      What joy this show brought us. You were loved and appreciated Al...Rest in peace.
    • By Libby
      I don't usually follow celebrity news, but I recognised his name in the headline on a news page, and immediately knew who he was. He was so very good as Eddie in Omerta.
      Then I looked at his imdb page:
      He appeared in so many movies/TV shows, which I always think is a sign that he was not only a good actor but also a good guy on set/in real life.
      He was only 65. Apparently, he contracted an infection following melanoma surgery. He's survived by his long-term partner, Darryl Armbruster.
    • By Earthnut
      R.I.P. Michael Massee (1955 – 2016)

      Prolific American actor Michael Massee has passed away aged 61, his agency Greene & Associates has confirmed. EW is reporting that he died on October 20th after a battle with cancer.
      Massee amassed almost 80 screen credits in his career, including roles in Seven, The Game, Lost Highway, Catwoman, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while on the small screen he appeared in the likes of 24, The X-Files, Criminal Minds and Supernatural. His voice work included The Batman animated series, as well as voicing Bruce Banner in Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers 2.
      Massee is also known for his role as Funboy in 1994’s The Crow, where he was the actor who inadvertently fired the fatal shot that killed Brandon Lee due to an improperly prepared prop. The tragic accident left Massee traumatized, with the actor stating in an interview in 2005 that “I don’t think you ever get over something like that.”
      ~          ~          ~
      In Millennium Michael played Purdue in The Pest House (1998).
      In The X-Files he played Vernon Ephesian in The Field Where I Died (1996).
      For Carnivàle fans, he played the Russian soldier in 5 episodes.
      Here's the IMDb link ~ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0557219/
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      Al Jarreau, Singer Who Spanned Jazz, Pop and R&B Worlds, Dies at 76


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