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Staff Blog - Some recent changes to Member Groups

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Greetings TIWWA Members!

We've recently made some minor changes and improvements to our Member Groups and Ranks at This Is Who We Are.

Also, all members can edit their own content with no time limitations. So if you have an older really good post with broken images because the images were stored on say Photobucket, but you deleted the image or album at Photobucket image or Photobucket shut down etc, you can now edit your post at any time and fix the broken images - very handy for informative topics featuring helpful trivia or important images. All members can opt to hide posts, this makes it invisible to other members except for staff, handy if you are not sure you want to completely delete your post.

We have also provided increased storage space for active members but space on our server is not unlimited, so we urge members in general to use their attachment storage space for quality content attachments, especially those that would say break a good, interesting or important topic if they were one-day broken, and instead link to less important images. You can link to images hosted elsewhere instead of uploading and using your attachment storage space by using the Insert Other Media button at the bottom right of the text editor. 

The updated Member Groups are:

  • Millennium Group Candidates
    This is the member group you first appear in after completing the registration process upon joining TIWWA.
    Once you make 1 post or piece of content, you will be promoted to the Millennium Group Initiates member group.
    Persons in this group have 15MB of total storage, storage for 10 Personal Message conversations or PMs (but can only send only 2 per day and only to 2 people). They can start 1 Blog and use the Gallery, Downloads, Videos etc.
  • Millennium Group Initiates -
    Persons in this group will have 5 or more posts or content, and after making 50 posts or piece of content, Initiates will be promoted to the Millennium Group Patrons member group.
    They now have 50MB maximum total storage, storage for 100 Personal Message conversations. Initiates can also start 5 different Blogs and use the Gallery, Downloads, Videos etc.
  • Millennium Group Patrons, TIWWA Blackcoats(Community Volunteers) & TIWWA Honored Members
    Persons in these groups will have 50 or more posts or content.
    They now have 75MB maximum total storage, storage for 500 Personal Message conversations. Patrons can also start 10 different Blogs and use the Gallery, Downloads, Videos etc.


Below you can find a list of our recently updated TIWWA Member Ranks, which are just for fun and appear by your name when you post etc. After 1013 posts or pieces of content, you can still override and enter your own custom message or rank if you prefer.



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