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I watched Millennium from the beginning, and while I wasn't allowed to watch all episodes (having only been 9 years old when the series started) I did see much of it and was always drawn in by the intensity and depth of the show and its characters. I have continued to watch as an adult since the DVDs have become available, and was able to catch up on what I had missed as a child (and by extension finally understood why there were episodes I wasn't allowed to watch, which is fairly obvious to an adult, but to a child is a constant source of vexation) and finally came to terms with my unwavering childhood fear of what I could only call a demon known as Lucy Butler. I used to have nightmares about her and even thought that in the dark I could see her cold eyes staring at me from out of that frozen mask of a face. When I first saw Sarah-Jane Redmond on the film "A Wrinkle in Time", I thought she looked familiar, but not quite making the connection. Then she cocked her head a certain way and I almost screamed aloud (I was a teenager at the time, but apparently still haunted, it seems) because it was Lucy Butler for a moment! LOL. Then she turned her head another way, and she was just an actress playing a different character. Since then, I've always been fascinated by how good of an actor Sarah-Jane Redmond is, and the diverse types of roles she can play.


Anyhow, I always thought that at the end of the episode "Saturn Dreaming of Mercury", the feminine voice that Lucas used, not to mention the face seen during the distortion of his head in the fire, belonged to Lucy Butler. It wasn't clear (although you could say the long black hair was a dead giveaway) but I couldn't shake that feeling. Then, the other day, when I was watching the 3rd season over again and I got to "Saturn Dreaming of Mercury", I decided to look up Lucy Butler in the Character Profiles here on the site, and she was listed as being featured in the episode, so it was gratifying to know that if there's something I'm uncertain of, this site is here to provide the answers, especially since there really aren't any other online resources (at least that I know of) to answer questions of this kind. I think it's wonderful that this site and community is here. :)


One of the questions I still have, I think that we all have, is whatever happened to "Divina", the little girl that seemed to somehow be Lucy Butler's dead child? Was she merely a projection, like Lucas Sanderson?


Anyway, I'm very glad to be part of TIWWA, and intend to post more questions and comments about the series as I have them. :)

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First of all TheBlueOtter, we are glad you joined our family and group.  We also like the new or different perspectives about the show and it's episodes and characters.

I had forgotten all about Lucy's dead child.  If Lucy is an evil spirit, then her child is too and creating havoc in people's lives.  I'm betting she's the little boy in the S D of M episode, and no doubt that he could be seen as a little boy, just like Lucy has been seen as both male and female.

A Wrinkle In Time is an awesome story.  I have the DVD and have read the book.  Sarah-Jane Redmond really is an exceptional actor.  Her credits are a mile long.

As a child, the only thing I feared was a spanking, of which I had very few.  Being an only child, I walked a straight and narrow line.  Stepped off of it a couple times and boy did I get it.  One place we lived was in a house that was converted into a duplex, with my bedroom upstairs.  I was a bad girl and was sent to my room to await my spanking, but they didn't spank me.  The terrifying thunderstorm that came through that night was more then enough for me.  I believed that God was disappointed in me that night and punishing me.  Later, as I got older, I accepted it was a terrifying thunderstorm, and I am sure to my parents, more then enough of a punishment then a spanking.  Some may consider it cruel, but I learned my lesson ~ to obey my parents, and when I started crying and screaming, they did came upstairs and comfort me.  They were good parents and loved the Lord.

Keep up with the great posts and questions.

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Hello and welcome to the community forums, TheBleuOtter! :ouro:

Lucy Butler was a brilliant character, and I would loved to have seen how much more there was to her back story but sadly the series ended as you know. The whole 'legion' aspect was really fascinating but I liked the balance with the side of good, in terms of the angels and other characters who straddled the line between as well as the more mortal good characters.

I can see how you would have had nightmares as a 9yr old!

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Welcome BleuOtter. Your initial experience with Millennium is what mine was with The X Files haha, snuck in watching episodes where I could, I came to Millennium much later.

It's been that long since I've had a proper complete viewing of the series and not whatever episode I feel like that I'm honestly not remembering at all the detail of Lucy's child, really interesting thought!

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