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Spree Killer William Boyette Jr, and his partner Mary Rice.

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William Eugene Boyette Jr, 44 years old is now considered a spree killer and is on the run here locally.  He is accompanied by   Mary Barbara Craig Rice,  37.  It was thought that she might be  a hostage, but it is now said that she is a wiling accomplice.


Boyette  shot and killed 2 women in a motel in MIlton FL. One is said to be a girlfriend or ex,  who was pressing charges against him for  a vicious beating he gave her that landed her in the hospital.It's unknown how the other woman ws connected to  Boyette or anyone.  Apparently he went on  the  run with Mary Rice,  a woman he'd been  seeing for a few weeks. They ended up across the state line in Lillian Alabama, where they shot and killed another woman outside her home, and stole her car... She is in critical condition.  Her 2 year old son who was at home with her, was unharmed..  Then they came BACK to Florida,  to the Beulah area outside Pensacola, abandoned the stolen car, and camped in the woods.  They were spotted on a trail camera.  In Beulah, they broke into a home, shot a fourth woman, and stole her car. They then went to a gas station, and also had breakfast at a Hardee's.. Now their whereabouts are unknown.  


Okay they were east of Pensacola, killed 2.  Drove west   of Pensacola to Lillian Alabama, and killed someone at random for her car.  Then back to  north of Pensacola, inbetween Milton and  the Alabama state line..   They are said to be hiding in  the woods, near Beulah.   His family is in protective custody, as he has threatened them..  He has stated he will not be caught alive.  

He is a career criminal.  He'd been arrested for assault, battery, obstructing justice, kidnapping.  he should not have been walking free.  He's a spice user.

6 days.  He's been on the run for 6 days and hasn't gone anywhere . I find that very odd.  


His name sounds like a Millennium killer name.  this "plot"  sounds millenniumistic..  West, then back,  inbetween start point and west point.... waiting?  for what?

I notice the 2 stolen cars  were white.  Don't know about the original vehicle he was in, but it was stolen too. So is it  a preference?  Or are there THAT many white cars around? If a preference, why white?

I'm frankly on edge as is the whole are I am sure.  The couple are seeking out abandoned buildings, wooded areas, but could be any freaking where in a 3 county area...or gone.  Who  knows?  They are armed, and dangerous.  And I saw his weapon,  I don't think what I have is any match! My saving grace?  I don't have a car out there for anyone to want!


Possible motive for the first victim. ( motel victims) I think the one was targeted, the other was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The 3rd and 4th were targeted for their cars.

After Lillian AL murder  Okay his original vehicle was a black SUV.  He'd abandoned it in Lillian AL, an then killed a woman in her own front yard for her car.


latest Still on the run.  Armed and Dangerous



Images there taken form a trail cam they didn't know they were walking in front of.  


Mary Rice has apparently died her hair orange according to reports.


Anyone with information on any of these individuals is asked to immediately contact local law enforcement.

Those who wish to remain completely anonymous are asked to contact the Santa Rosa County Crime Stoppers Program at 850-437-STOP or their website at www.srccs.com.









"I smell blood and an era of prominent madmen"

W. H. Auden
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the need to be famous has become something beyond words .  same thing with the mass shooter in Aurora , Colorado .   soon no place will be safe . :cry: 

you can pick your friends... you can pick your nose .... but you can NEVER pick your friend's nose !!


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I don't think he's doing this for fame.  He shot his GF or ex because she was pressing charges after he  beat her, knocked her out, kicked her mouth and kept her captive for 2 days.  She got away, got help, but  went back to meet him and ended up dead. She dated him since thanksgiving.  NOt even that long. She was a mother of 3 kids under 10 years old. 

I think they ran, but decided to turn back, so abandoned his car, and shot up a lady for her car.. She was simply getting out of her car to go inside after a  shift at the hospital... and he ambushes and shoots her.  I know she'd have given the car up.  The young mother in Beulah, he breaks into her home, shoots her.. She would have given her car up too I'm sure.. And his companion.   Really?  He's shooting up women, but not her?  How long before he decides she's no longer useful?  

It's rage.  And spice.  And it's been coming for a long time.  You don't beat women, hold them hostage, then kill  them  after  they press charges unless there is a deep hate.  

Not sure if he's seeing himself on TV.. Maybe they have a cell phone charged up.  Dunno.   I don't think he's talking to the cops or the media though. What they know about him is probably from family, friends, those he threatened or maybe asked for help.

"I smell blood and an era of prominent madmen"

W. H. Auden
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It all sounds so frightening, seesthru. We've had only a few spree killers in the UK. In those cases, it did seem to about rage, though I can't recall if drugs were also involved. It was as though they had decided that they would be the nastiest and most violent as they could be, in the way that narcissists are like. The companion might be just as bad, but if she puts a foot wrong she'll be another victim.

I hope he's found quickly. Someone like that is not part of society and I hope he's removed from society as expeditiously as possible.


"Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape." Terry Pratchett

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That's a relief. At least the state won't have to pay for a lengthy trial and incarceration. Killers like that don't kill themselves out of despair or remorse. It's technically suicide, but I think there needs to be a different term for those who use the ultimate means to avoid justice and an accounting for their behaviour.

As for Mary Rice - I guess it'll take some time to figure out whether she was unwilling victim, or an enthralled victim, or in it for money/drugs.


"Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape." Terry Pratchett

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They're charging her with murder among other things.    I'm not sure either.  THey say she had plenty of opportunity to get away. But then again,  he was a very persuasive guy,  and she has family.  Hard to say.  The appearance is that she was willing.  

"I smell blood and an era of prominent madmen"

W. H. Auden
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