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update on Joe posted by his wonderful wife this AM  @ FB ;     "   An update on Joe - last week he had a PET scan done and today the oncologist said everything looks really good. There are no more lesions on his spleen and lungs. The lesions on his liver have diminished in size by about 40% and the "activity", which means how the bad cells multiply, has gone down from 13 to 6 on one and from 6 to 3 on another. I'm not quite sure what these measurements are, but the fact that they are smaller/lower is a good sign. We'll talk with the oncologist surgeon next to see about the surgery to remove the colon tumor as well as the lesion on the kidney. Most likely he will have to do separate rounds of chemo for the kidney lesions, as those are definitely a separate type of cancer. For now he's at home resting. Thank you all for your continued support, prayers, good vibes and love. They are very much appreciated. "   keep Joe in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to fight the good fight .  :27: 

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    • By Earthnut
      Things have gone really bad here for my family and I right now, and I may have to take some time away. I will do my best to find time to show up at least once a day to say hi, but with so much on my plate right now. Again, I can barely breathe, having anxiety attacks, and not sleeping well from stress. I feel like I'm suffocating and under attack by evil from every direction. We so need prayer for strength and wisdom on how to deal with it all, which includes needing to move. Another nightmare on top of the already existing nightmares. Also needing to find a Federal Atty to represent us because of a Supreme Court denial of custody of my grandson.

      I promise to write more details later when I have the time, but things are just flat devastating right now.

      Whatever your faith, please pray for us, and if you don't believe in the Great Spirit, please keep my family and I in your thoughts and hearts.

      Love and Huggers to Everyone,
      Earthnut Darlene
    • By Earthnut
      Randee has decided after the past 2 1/2 years of focusing her time and energy on others and their broken lives, mine included, that she is needing to now recharge her own batteries. Instead of moving forward, she is finding herself sliding back in every area of her life, and knows that she needs some time to herself.

      She has promised to stop by now and then to give us an update on the trial.

      I am asking you all, not Randee, that if you say anything about the trial, never, ever, mention the person's name and give him any publicity; no notoriety. He is the nameless one, the shooter, the perp, etc., and any other choice titles you prefer to use, but please, please, please, never mention his name. Always remember that the victims and their families are the most important, not the person on trial for their deaths.

      I know Randee will appreciate this with her whole heart as she takes this time off to regain her strength. And I also thank you with my whole heart.

      Love, Eternal Gratitude, and Huggers to Everyone,

    • By Earthnut
      My heart and prayers go out to all the families of those who lost a loved one, and for the survivors who will carry this scare for the rest of their lives.
      And, a special thank you to Chris Mintz, the wounded hero who tried to stop the gunman.
    • By Earthnut
      O K, here's my thing ~
      When I was 19 I was shot in the back left shoulder blade in a bank robbery, while getting on the floor as told.  The bullet headed for my heart, fractured my ribs on the back, followed my rib cage around under my arm and headed for my heart a second time, and fractured the ribs on the front, which changed the direction again.  It ended up in the center of my chest just under the top layer of skin.  Thankful it didn't come out or it would have left a big hole, being a .38 caliber.
      I had 4 1/2 hours lung surgery.  The left lung had collapsed and the right lung developed phenomena.  They literally took out the lung, put it on a table, and while one doctor sewed it up the other doctor cleaned out the cavity.  My main doctor, Dr. Breckler, was called in because he was a chest specialist who served in a MASH unit in Korea, and said he had seen this wound before, where it headed for the heart and the ribs, which then changed the direction of the bullet.  But, he had never seen it twice with the same bullet, so he called me his "Miracle Girl."  Naturally, ever since MASH came out I fell in love with Hawkeye Pierce, a chest specialist in Korea, and always pictured him as Dr. Breckler, my hero.  There was even an episode one time where a young girl with an entertainment troupe got shot, and naturally Hawkeye was the only one capable of performing the surgery, and naturally, just like me, she fell in love with her doctor who saved her life.  If you want I can go into more detail later.  It's easier to type right now because I can barely breathe or talk.
      OK, the x-ray at the hospital showed my problem being in the left lung.  the right lung and bronchial tubes looked fine.  The problem is he couldn't tell if it was collapsing or if I have phenomena, and will need another x-ray in at least a week after taking the antibiotics and some c...steroids med.  Naturally, my primary doctor doesn't want to wait to see me till next week, so I see her Wednesday since it's an ER follow-up appointment.  That's the only time I am allowed to leave home, to see her, and of course rest as much as possible, which has been impossible today, and then I have maintenance here again tomorrow to finish what he was here for today.  Maybe I will get some rest Thursday.  Yeesh.
      So yes, I do still need your caring hearts, healing energies, and prayers.  Thank you with all my heart, and thank you also for being there for me.
      Blessings and Love Eternal, because it's who WE are.

    • By Earthnut
      Alas! Love and miss ye    

    • By Earthnut
        Received a call from Cheryl, the mother of a friend of Shane's (my son), Clay, that we met years ago.  Apparently, Clay committed suicide on March 31, and he had just turned 26 on Easter.  We all became very close, and throughout the past few years kept in touch with each other.  They live in the Tulsa area, and believe it was emotional reasons over a relationship.  Even though he left his parents a letter, they have not read it yet because the police have it and are still investigating.   In 2014 they lost a son from Leukemia.   There are no words that can describe the pain of losing a child, nor are their words that can be spoken to bring comfort.  The pain and emptiness lies too deep, a place that only our Lord Christ Jesus can reach, to bring peace and healing.   Shane and I are planning to drive up to the Tulsa area next weekend to see them.   Please keep Cheryl, her husband, Gary, and their family in your hearts and prayers.  Thank you with all my heart.     Blessings and Love, Darlene 
    • By Simon Black

      I am shocked and for me- the world has changed again, the unpredictable is the worst thing.
      In memory of the victims and their relatives - rest in peace.

    • By Earthnut
      My ex husband, who passed away in 2006, remarried after my son Shane was born in 1976, and lived in Texas with his new family.  He had three children, 2 boys and a girl.  One of his sons, Justin, was in a wreck Monday night, flipping his pickup truck, without wearing a seat belt.  His brain was bleeding out but they have stopped it along with some other issues.  He had to have heart surgery  and will need plastic surgery on his nose since it was split in two.  He's in intensive care at Good Shepard hospital in Longview, TX, and last I heard he is stable. thank God.  Shane wants to be there so bad to see Justin, but is not able to make the trip.
      Please keep Justin, the family and friends joining together in your thoughts, hearts, and if you pray, your prayers.  Thank you.

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