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Update on our Elder Viivi

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As you may know from recent news events, there has been a truly awful incident in Turku, Finland where women were targeted and stabbed. Our lovely caring friend @Viivi lives in Turku and is thankfully, safe and well. 

Viivi intends to post something about it herself when she can, so I won't add much more other than it apparently happened right in her neighbourhood where she passes every day.

Check out Viivi's bilingual Twitter timeline for her photos and some stunning works of art.

You may also like to read Viivi's series of articles relating to the artwork used in Millennium.



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Thank you, my dear Graham, truly much appreciated.

Yes, it happened right there in my neighbourhood, on the streets and market squares that I walk through daily. Like i said to Graham earlier, it was pure luck i wasn't there when it happened. My brother avoided the incident by 15 minutes.

I was getting home from work on Friday when i saw and heard that something was going on on the main market square.The first piece of information was that several people had been stabbed, at least one of them had died, and the perpetrator had been seen running towards another square which is practically next to my home. It was unclear if there were more than one murderers running around, and the police told us to avoid the area. I spent a few hours at a friend's place before the situation was clear and we could walk on the streets again.

The police are investigating it as a terrorist attack; two murders, and eight attempted murders.

This is a smallish town, but an important one, and the oldest one in Finland. We are proud but friendly and peace-loving people. We did absolutely nothing to deserve this.

Be safe, everyone. Much love to all,



An article in New York Times:

Fatal Knife Attack in Finland Is Investigated as Terrorism

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It's wonderful to know that you are okay Viivi.  Thank you Graham for the post, and thank you Viivi for updating us.

Image result for in my heart and prayers

Love and huggers,



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