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M-TIWWA News - Chris Carter shares his thoughts on Millennium in new X-Files interview

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Entertainment news website Deadline have recently published an interesting interview with Millennium creator, Chris Carter. Although primarily focused on The X-Files due to the forthcoming eleventh season due in 2018, Chris was able to add some thoughts on Millennium which are always welcomed by appreciative fans of both series.

Just prior, Chris had discussed where he felt The X-Files fitted into the Donald Trump era, where "... we're looking at a world where now truth is thrown out the window and conspiracy is now seemingly the center. Everything's been turned on its head and that's an interesting time to be telling X-Files stories."

DEADLINE: In such times, are there other shows you'd like to resurrect?

CARTER: I think Millennium would be a show that would have more life in it but no one's ever spoken seriously to me about that.


CARTER: Yeah, I always feel that there are more of those stories to tell as well. After three seasons, we pulled the plug on that show but the ratings were still very good so I think that there is a new approach to that show building on the solid foundation that was already there.

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Read the full and interesting interview at Deadline (contains potential X-Files spoilers):
The X-Files Creator Chris Carter On Making More Seasons, Lone Gunmen's Return & Millennium - NY Comic Con


View the original article at Millennium-ThisIsWhoWeAre.net

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I trust they would leave his hair gray and not try and turn back the clock, especially since he has less hair now.  If they did color it, they'd have to smooth out some wrinkles too.  He's 77 now.


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They let it go gray in the last season.  I imagine they might touch him up a little, but otherwise, I think since it's  about the mind of Frank Black, he's good to go!

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On 10/30/2017 at 1:11 PM, beerbelch said:

BEER------> Saw  my 1st 'X-Files' add for next year's start up. Fox looked like he had a beard.


He has such a baby face that a beard is probably the only way to age him....lol ? ?



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