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M-TIWWA News - Happy Birthday Chris Carter!

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Millennium and X-Files creator Chris Carter.

It's October 13th so we'd like to join Millennium and X-Files fans in wishing Chris Carter a very Happy Birthday!

Christopher Carl Carter was born 61 years ago today in October 1956, the elder son of William and Catherine Carter. You can learn more about him via Libby's Chris Carter's Millennium crew profile.

Will you be celebrating Ten Thirteen Day with a few favourite episodes from your box sets? Is so, let us know which episodes and series you choose.


View the original article at Millennium-ThisIsWhoWeAre.net

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On 10/13/2017 at 6:46 PM, Walkabout said:

actually I am watching a Harry Potter weekend on TV !  :wiggle::161::16:  

Say "Hi" to Winky for me.  :wink:

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unfortunately Winky never made it to the screen .    we had Dobby who died defending Harry Potter and Kreacher who had a change of heart do the compassion of Harry Potter . 

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