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The Old Man

40 years since Atari launched the 2600

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A few days ago I read that it was forty years ago this year that Atari launched the 2600 video game console!  I really do feel old, now!



I actually still have mine somewhere and it still works, I think! I received it as a Christmas present, like many kids at the time, and it was the probably the coolest  Xmas present ever! I had the all black model and it came with Pac Man.  I used to get told off for playing on it for hours on end! Defender, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Phoenix, Asteroids. I always wanted Space Invaders, but never got it.

It got me thinking this weekend about all those things I miss from my childhood when growing up with my sister, from sweets (candy), drinks, crisps (chips), bikes, toys, TV programs, building dens etc. I think growing up in the 70's and 80's, although money was tight, we had it so much better in a lot of ways.

You miss anything in particular from your childhood days?

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Oh how I miss Star Raiders.  It was my favorite.  This does take us back a long way.  :574:

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