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Toon Disney's "fillmore"

Guest Mikal C Johnson  KtCym ECA

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Guest Mikal C Johnson  KtCym ECA

My kids watch Toon Disney at night after dinner... one of the shows is Fillmore... it takes places at "X Middle School," where Cornelius Fillmore is a Safety Patroller who, with his partner Ingrid Third, solves various crimes and such around the school. I watch it with them sometimes because it acts as a sort of send-up of various crime drama shows, and that amuses me.

Last night there was this episode titled The Shreds Fell Like Snowflakes in which a former safety patroller who specialized in profiling returns from a forced retirement... his name: Frank Bishop.

The "Jr Commissioner" states at one point that Frank's profiling ability was uncanny... "He was the best - just by looking at his shoe print he could tell you what the perp had for breakfast!"

I though this all seemed familiar... ;)

https://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/Guide...102/epid-254778 has this to say about it:

Frank Bishop the Profiler:

The profiler brought on to help in the case was named Frank Bishop. The profiler in the TV show Millenium was named Frank Black. This same actor (Lance Henrickson) played the android Bishop in the movie Aliens. "Frank", "Bishop", profiler -- a coincidence? [i think not! Nice catch! - rackstraw]

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