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The Blacklist

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Reno Reddington posted the following in the Shoutbox and I felt it should be in its own forum.  This is such a good show, and I know a number of us here watch it.  I didn't specify any season in the title, that way the forum is completely open.  The show is in its 5th season that began on Sept. 27, 2017, and will end sometime in 2018.  Season 5 will have 22 episodes, with only the first 8 having aired in 2017.  Episode 9 airs on Jan. 3.



Reno Reddington         27 Dec 15:05
OK- well, here is the latest- since The Blacklist has a character named Red Reddington, I have been in contact with the producers to incorporate a NEW character named Reno Reddington, Red Reddington's brother- who has a very special talent that plays well into the storyline of the Blacklist- and for all practical purposes also includes the type of people who were from The Millennium. Stay tuned for further details and make sure to watch The Blacklist- you may see me (or someone who is pretending to be me) on future episodes. THEN, we need to find a way to BRING BACK Millennium to have cross references to The Blacklist, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, etc. (I you haven't figured that out yet, I live in the Chicago area and all those TV programs are based in Chicago -hence the names- duh?) and they are all on NBC. Easier to get the other producers to cross pollinate the special talent that Reno Reddington has.


Here's the link to Wikipedia's episode list for all the seasons of the show ~


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