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MM people can pop up where you least expect

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This afternoon, I've been watching TV, one show in particular. It's a British TV series called "Red Cap". The title is the nickname given to British military police because they wear red berets. Most of the episodes take place in a fictional German town where there's a large British military base. The show ran for two seasons (6 episodes each season, as is typical for British TV series) in 2003 and 2004.

I have watched some episodes in recent times, but never made the connection until today. Actually, I think it was some aspects of the music that made me stop and check the credits. The creator was Patrick Harbinson. The show did make use of flashbacks to the crime; but there were moments of very haunting music, similar to what Mark Snow used on Millennium.

I'm now stuck with trying to remember what episode(s) of Millennium had the music that got my attention.

There's not much personal info on Patrick Harbinson on imdb, and no Wikipedia entry for him, so I went a-googling. And amongst the top few hits on google is this interview, posted here by Mark (ethsnafu) which is worth a re-read:



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Libby, it amazes me how we can relate to music in so many ways, and how music relates.  It's the music that tied all of what you said together.  Mark Snow is a genius, and Mark (eth) is so dearly missed, and loved.

Thanks for the link.  It's a super great interview and I hope everyone reads it.  I appreciated his opinion of the show when it was first aired.  Here's that section.


My impression of the first year was of a show struggling for identity after its extraordinary opening. I remember someone (who was closely involved with the show) saying that Millennium’s initial success on the back of massive publicity – new show from the creator of the X-Files, etc. – was the worst thing that could have happened to it, because it created an expectation of great things – among fans and Fox executives – that few shows could have sustained. So by the time I turned up with a story about horses they were quite glad to have something that wasn’t about serial killers – though of course it was. I had nothing to do with the second year so can’t comment on that. Third year, once Chip Johannessen took over the reins fully from Michael Duggan, the series became a gentler, more mysterious, more enquiring animal. If any TV series could be said to have aspired to magic realism it was Millennium.


I really enjoyed the section on the episode, "The Sound of Snow," which is one of my favorites.  Here's just a couple excerpts to wet your whistle ~



Question ~

TIWWA: "The Sound of Snow" is rightly considered one of the finest episodes "Millennium" and fans have often wondered why it took so long to resolve Frank and Catherine's story considering the state of their relationship when Megan Gallagher left the show. Was it a bitter-sweet experience to know that Megan would be returning albeit for a single episode and a daunting one considering the level of anticipation there would be for such a story?


PH: I had no idea it was thought of so highly, that’s nice… But this episode arose entirely out of my efforts – almost literally – to go into stream-of-consciousness story-telling and just see where it ended up........... 

........... If someone were to analyse seriously the genius of Chris Carter’s story-telling, it’s that: keep your audience suspendeded in the dark waiting to see what happens next.


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Wow  This isn't 6 degrees of separation, or of  Kevin Bacon, it's 6 degrees of Millennium!  Or is is 6 degrees of Patrick Harbinson, or of Mark Snow?  

I am as big a "Wire in the Blood"   series fan as I am "Millennium"  and also of "Touching Evil".. and yeah,, Criminal Minds.. I never would have connected any of the other shows to Millennium, though I like them all for the same reason:  They explore the darker side of the human condition.  To think this one guy  touched all the shows... and all the shows touch on eachother, and   they all come back to this guy.


I was listening to NPR one night, and there was a long instrumental I could have sworn was Mark Snow.  Listening to it, it invoked images of the show Millennium, scenes, snippets... but it wasn't him.  I can't remember who it was, but I felt that they had ripped off everything about Mark Snow's music...I remember listening through three more songs for the announcer to come on like he does, and say who the previous songs were by... Waiting fo the name Mark Snow,  like he was up for an Oscar!  Ah well...

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Love the "6 degrees of Millennium."

The 6 degrees image reminds me of our ouroboros.



Here's the link to the page with an explanation video.


I love Criminal Minds.  Haven't seen Wire in the Blood or Touching Evil, but will check them out.

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Touching Evil was out around the same time as Millennium I think.  Both the shows star Robson Green.  He was flavor of the decade ... Wire in the Blood is my favorite by far.  There was one called Second sight with Clive Owen I liked too. Ahh PBS!!!!! :)


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