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On 10/19/2019 at 2:31 PM, Earthnut said:

Interesting that Chris Carter wrote the part of Catherine Black with Megan in mind.  And it was his suggestion to kill her off in "The Time Is Now." 

You might enjoy reading the 1996 interview with Megan posted at our sister site ~





That's an awesome interview. It's funny how Megan kept repeating "December 6th" about the Catherine episodes beginning. However, the episode I thought she was referring to was "The Well-Worn Lock," which I believe aired closer to Christmas. "Blood Relatives" is probably the one as she is featured more prominently in it.

It's disappointing and I'm sure she was disappointed that the show didn't involve her as much. She's absent in so much of Season 2, and then of course, the season finale took her out of the show, at least physically.

As others have said, she was a great character, and I agree that it would have been great for the show to go in a direction where Frank valued Catherine's advice, wisdom and prescience much more; she definitely had the power to center him. This is why her death hurt so much; not only was a main character killed, but so was a larger story potential.

I assume there are some Columbo fans on this forum. Well, when the show returned in the late 80s after a decade away, there's an episode titled "Goodbye, Mrs. Columbo," I believe, and there is an attempt on Columbo's wife's life (poison in jam), and the viewer is even tricked into believing there was a funeral for her. Just the idea broke my heart, but I was glad to see it was just a ploy to get the killer to admit to the original murder. The writers didn't kill her off. It's also worth noting that in Columbo's 60+ episodes, we never ever see Mrs. Columbo; just see Columbo talk to her on the phone, try to find her on a cruise, or make references to his wife in every episode.

It hurts when writers kill the characters they ask us to love...

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