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It is a weird one and I hesitated to post it, but hey, we're sharing the weird experience.  You shouldn't have a problem figuring out this one.  Okay, here ya go ~

3 ~ A Stolen Necklace

Mrs. Smith called the police and claimed that her expensive vintage necklace was stolen. When police arrived at her house they saw no signs of a break-in, except one broken window. There was a mess inside the house with dirty footprints all around the room and some broken glass on the outside.

Mrs. Smith was arrested the very next day for fraud. Why?


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Hopefully, this one will be a tad harder to solve.  Seesthru, you're good at these.

4 ~ A Lonely Old Man

A lonely old man lived in a lonely old house in the suburbs of a city. He never left his house for long. It was a midsummer, a Friday when the mailman walked by the house and called the lonely old man. There was no answer. When he looked into the window, he saw that old man lying in a pool of blood. When the policemen arrived, they found a newspaper from Tuesday, 2 bottles of warm milk and one cold bottle.

The next day, the killer was arrested. Who was the killer, and how did the police figure this one out?


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