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Life of a Comet by Frank Black

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Life of a Comet by Frank Black

Life of a Comet by Frank Black (The Beginning and the End)

At the start of Millennium's second season, The Beginning and the End opens with a montage of images from outer space, the life of a comet. The same comet appears in the night sky Frank Black is staring into, causing him to contemplate his own destiny and the relevance of the celestial body. In his monologue narrated by Lance Henriksen, protagonist Frank is considering the 'life' of a comet and its analogous relationship to our own existence.

Referring to his immediate state, Frank asks, "Is this the beginning or the end?"

Is it the beginning of the journey or the end when Frank allows his vengeance for the Polaroid stalker to push him over the edge in a relentless search for Catherine? The Millennium Group pulls Frank more deeply into its secretive ranks in an effort to bring closure to the abduction case with the knowledge that his work for them is not yet done.




In Number, there is one for every life which ever was,
or ever will be,
And like most lives they wait, for a moment, the moment.
When we'll be sent on it's journey back towards the yellow Sun.

Approaching the Sun, brings definitive change...
We will never again be the same.
Peering in our skies it is believed to be the prophecy of extraordinary events...
...the birth of Kings,
...the death of Empires,

After Centuries, or Millennia, the Journey must end.
Perhaps smothered by it's own dust,
the dark, soulless body continues eternally through space and time,
It may disintegrate and crumble into inconsequential rubble,
or may be lost forever, crashing, burning, into the yellow Sun...

And tonight as I look into the sky and it looks back on me,
I want to know, which am I?
I need to know, is this the Beginning of the Journey,
... or the End...

This download consists of the narration Life Of A Comet (1m 53s), available in 2 formats: mp3 and wma.

Image sequence from the Life Of A Comet scene:

C2206E21-4AC6-4D17-BA97-92002D8EE2E1.jpeg BABA139B-F8B7-431C-9D6C-82E790EC9EED.jpeg 0EBFDE26-9F19-4F2B-808A-6CBA0CE37AA9.jpeg E5978ACB-75FA-44B1-A304-1A20CEC9B989.jpeg 3F9F82F1-7193-49A3-86DA-6A051B21CC9D.jpeg AF946AF2-7038-4EEF-AF4C-5B38A786D07D.jpeg 475F1884-E21B-475D-ADB6-04843C65486A.jpeg D821D1FB-1702-4F0E-89DD-73D2B21BD89D.jpeg 25F30B84-CBE8-4BCB-B657-1CC57BCE87C0.jpeg



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