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Force Majeure

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I had never notice this before, but the guy who play Dennis Hoffman very much resembles the actor who played the "father" of the "perfect children"... in both facial features and expressions.   I don't know why I hadn't noticed this before.

Just wondering if Brian or anyone can tell me if those 2 actors are actually related in someway, or if it was just great type-casting, etc.

Upbeatness to all, and to all a good nite,


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Guest LauraKrycek

Dennis Hoffman was played by Brad Dourif, a 52-year-old actor from Huntington, West Virginia.  He also appeared on "The X-Files" episode "Beyond the Sea" as Luther Lee Boggs, can now be seen in "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers", can be seen next year in "Vlad" and "El Padrino" and, incidentally, plays the didgeridoo.  The man in the iron lung was played by Morgan Woodward (quite a nice name, I think), a 76-year-old actor from Arlington, Texas.  He's been acting in numerous television and movie roles since 1955, including an episode of the original "Star Trek", the movie "Cool Hand Luke", and a major role on the series "Dallas".  He has a street named after him in his hometown, and you can visit his official website here.

But no, they don't seem to be related at all.  Sorry.

Must be creepy to be famous... everyone and their brother can find out your whole life story with the click of a mouse button.

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Laura has covered all of the bases on this particular question.  Indeed, there's no relation between the two.  It's a mere coincidence that they might resemble one another in facial features.

When trying to explain Brad Dourif's role in film history to someone who isn't a cult movie buff I always note that he is the voice of Chucky from the Child's Play movies.  He's an endlessly talented actor but, like Lance Henriksen, he seems cursed to slip through the cracks of cinema history as a result of his cult horror roles.  It's nice to see him in a significant role on the big screen in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Morgan Woodward has had an illustrious career in television and film himself.  His episode of the original Star Trek, incidentally, is "Dagger of the Mind."  He spends most of the episode howling like a madman.  It's not unlike his performance in this Millennium episode, actually.  He was also in The X-Files episode "Aubrey," alongside Terry O'Quinn for the first time.

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I have to say I have always liked Brad Dourif.  He usually plays sort "off beat" characters in "off beat" films, is probably why I like him.  The first time I remember him catching my attention was when he portrayed the Mentat Piter in the first Dune film back in the eighties.

I thought he was great as Boggs!  And I really enjoy the Dennis Hoffman character.

I never knew that he was the voice of Chucky!  How perfect!  That makes total sense to me that he would be involved in those films doing precisely that!  He, like Lance, has made some pretty interesting movie and tv choices for roles.

Morgan Woodward is an excellent name, indeed!  I love his character in Cool Hand Luke.  Great film, btw.

Thanks for all the info and input so far, everybody!

Upbeat and out,


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