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A Couple Of "obvious" References

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I don't know whether these are obvious references or not. I blame my uncertainty on this cold I've had for the last couple of weeks that has rendered my brain more like cotton wool. Anyway, I thought I'd mention these, just in case there is actually anyone else who hadn't spotted them:

At the beginning of each act, the scene fades in from white. This represents a polaroid developing. I never figured that out, despite watching every episode, some of them very carefully for the transcripts. However, a dear friend sent me a copy of the script for the pilot episode. This must be a very early script as it says: "Untitled Chris Carter Project". The opening of act two is described: "The image fading up like a polaroid (This is the signature act opening.)"

In Season 3 there's an episode called "Skull and Bones". Well, this is the episode where lots of skulls and bones are found by constructions workers, so the episode title is an obvious one. Except, of course, this is 1013, who don't do "obvious". While browsing the web (for some reason I can't now remember even though it was only ten minutes or so ago) I chanced upon the "Skull and Bones" sooper sekrit group which some have likened to the Illuminati. Apparently there was a CBS 60 minutes news story about this earlier in the year, but not being the USA I can be excused for not seeing this. There's a story on the CBS web site at:


A Google search shows some conspiracy sites about this group.

So, either I'm dim and need to take large doses of vitamins to waken up my brain, or this idle wandering through scripts/the Web as a distraction from my symptoms have proved to be so useful that I should schedule in getting colds on a regular basis as a service for my fellow TIWWA-ers.


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Guest Seraphim

I am not surprised about the photographic openings. It did look like that to me. So they did indeed intend that.

I was actually disappointed that the title "Skull and Bones" was used for such an episode. They orginization is built largely around a "worship and appreciation of death". Many of their rituals and such are very Nazi-esque and they do have a very Illuminati-esque air to them. I am not suffering from Conspirannoia, but I tend to look negatively on the organization.

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Guest Second Coming

hahaha....I've watched Millennium so much and I never realized that the reason if faded from white to black was that it was a polaroid. I never put 2 and 2 together. I remember thinking it was odd that it did that.

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