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Guest MillenniumIsBliss

Well, my vote was for Jose Chung, and the voting tally to this point is no surprise to me. All three were excellent in my book. To me, Omerta and "Jose Chung..." are kind of in a different category then Wide Open. Wide Open is pretty much classic Millennium, while the other two were nice little gems thrown into their respective seasons for a wonderful change of pace. Both of them are quirky and original, but "doomsday defense" is legendary, and one of the all time greats in the series. I remember coming home late the night that episode originally aired, and snuggling in for what ended up being one of my favorites. I have some very fond memories of that one, and am happy that it will be in season 2, which will be out before we know it.

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Guest Regan MacNeil

I'm surprised at how many of you loved 'Doomsday Defense', I kind of hated it. I LOVED 'From Outer Space', I think it worked because XF was about alien abductions and for three years they showed the serious side of that, but there's also the tabloid side of it. XF was so serious up till then and all of the sudden they have an episode about abductions where the witnesses are crackpots who just want attention or sci-fi geeks who live with their parents. Alien abduction stories are an easy target for parody because there are a lot of crackpots who claim to see U.F.O.s, but there's nothing really funny about serial killers. The only part I did like was the Rocket McGrain part, other than that it was just too wacky and I don't think there was much room for comedy in Millennium


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The episode was a parody of the Scientology movement, which has some powerfull members in Hollywood. Scientology is ripe for parody, so instead of the alien abduction stories of "From Outer Space" - which is also about how the truth can be subjective- in "Doomsday Defence" Darrin Morgan pokes fun at New Age religons and the Hollywood machine. As for the humour, MM needed some to create a balance, the episodes mantra "Don't be dark" seems to be aimed at the show itself. Anyway the bottom line is that "Doomsday Defence" is very funny. :laugh_big:

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