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X-file Characters

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Eugene Tooms: Squeeze and Tooms

Luther Lee Boggs: Beyond the Sea....hey its that Brad Dourif guy

Donnie Pfaster: Irresistable and Orison

Virgil Incanto: 2Shy

Robert Modell: Pusher and Kitsunegari

Gerry Schnauz: Unruhe

Leonard Betts: Leonard Betts

Wayne Weinsider: Terms of Endearment....Bruce Campbell starred in

What do you all think? talk amongst yourselves

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Oh! This is fun!

The 2 priest-guys on "All Souls".

The "Miracle Man" guy.

The writer guy on "Milagro" (geee, I suck with names tonight)

The 2 priest guys on "Signs & Wonders" (do we see a trend forming?)

"Mr. Peetie" (don't know how it's spelled) on "Theef"

The woman/Raven on "Chimera"

I think you covered the best ones. :alien::ouro:

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There is a little mistake for Doug Hutchinson, isn't it ? Squeeze AND Tooms are X-Files... items...

I can't remember DH's name in MM... :down:

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Guest ModernDayMoriarty

No offense but all you've done is pick out the most memorable MOTW from the X-Files... That's all. They most certainly wouldn't work well in Millennium with a few obvious exceptions (Donnie Pfaster was pretty much the inspiration for doing Millennium in the first place and his return in 'Orison' was the only X-File that Chip J ever wrote). Suitably altered, some of the others could work (Boggs and Weinsider being the most feasible) but as they stand now, only Pfaster could make the jump to Millennium unchanged. They simply are not where Millennium was at (terrible episodes like 'Siren' aside, which pretty much proves the point on its own really).

Still, they were all great villains on their show (Virgil Incanto is one of my all time favourites actually).

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There's something about All Souls that deeply affected me the first time I watched it. I don't know quite what it was, but it was the only X-Files episode that had that effect. I watched it on my own late one evening - then had to leave the light on all night because I couldn't go to sleep in the dark!

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All souls is an amazing episode, weirdly my girlfriend mentioned that she thought it was very Millenium-esque just yesterday.

I really don't think that Tooms would fit into Millenium, at the end of the day Tooms is very X Files and very "paranormal", you rarely ever see any paranormal activity in MM, not through the eyes of Black...X Files deals with Aliens and Ghouls and MM seems to deal (i have only just finished season 2) with Angels and Demons... The most common link that i have seen between the 2 shows is 1.) "The Truth" and 2.) Conspiracy ...any thoughts on this, i am new here so if im going back over old ground just ignore me!


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