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Is There An Arc?

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I am new to Millenium and after watching (and loving) year one i began to wonder if there were more story arcs like in the X Files "Mythology" episodes, I noticed the re-occurance of the devil/demon, and the obvious poloroid arc. Annoyingly I saw the X files episode "Millenium" first, so i know there is something shady about the group...but knowing Chris Carter's work from X Files I imagine that he can't resist more arcs!

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Hello, and Welcome to TIWWA!

There is a mythology to Millennium, though quite different from The X Files in some ways. As you noted, the devil/demon theme is one. There is Frank's continual battle with evil, in its many forms, his temptation by the Devil, etc. Also, as you noticed, the Group did change a bit during the series. Whether or not that was a mistake has been the subject of some debate.

I'm glad to see a new "convert" to Millennium, and look forward to getting to know you, and seeing how this show has impacted you personaly, as it has a different effect on each of it's viewers.

This Is Who We Are.... :ouro:

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Guest Jagasian

I too am new to Millennium. I got into it after watching the X-Files series in order, from downloaded DVD rips. I too saw the X-Files "Millennium" episode and then decided that I wanted to know the complete story of Chris Carter's universe, so I downloaded and started watching Millennium. In some ways they are very similar, X-files and Millennium that is, but Millennium is far more serious than X-files.

I love them both. Hopefully we will one day see a complete Chris Carter DVD Box set including the entire X-files series, movie, Millennium, Harsh Realm, and Lone Gunmen. I would definitely buy that if the price was right.

I can't believe I missed this great TV... though I was a bit young in the 90s, so I probably wouldn't have appreciated it.

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I also want to extend a TIWWA welcome and its nice to see some newbies. Like my wife had said once....Millenium is about real monsters and real situations and thats why it scares the hell out of me.......

Chris Carter is very gifted and i believe that we could of seen more MM seasons if it wasnt for FOX.

I agree what i find MM so addictive are the arcs and the mythology

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For me the mythology and the great mytharcs are one of the strongest points about MillenniuM! I love reading discussion on them too!

Also and I apologise for the blatant plug, I just wrote an article about the Legion (evil) mytharc and Lucy Butler which you can find at:

https://www.sarahjaneredmond.com/html/artic...millennium2.htm. Hope you find this useful, Kenscanna.

Welcome to TIWWA guys! :xmas_ouro:

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